Find A Therapist


Find A Therapist

Find a therapist and finding one that you like is difficult over the phone. It’s hard to find a counselor especially if it is your first time reaching out for counseling. You’re not quite sure the questions to ask or what approach the therapist will take with your situation.

There are all sorts of different schools of thought that therapist use in counseling and you need to find one that understands and meshes well with who you are and your personality type.

There are many therapists who do what I call “Band-Aid therapy” and don’t necessarily talk much but run a 50 minute session shuffling you out at the end with no real work having been done.

This leaves the client feeling worse then when they came in. They do not feel validated. Many clients who Call Us say that it would take at least 3 to 4 sessions to just get the story across the therapist.

I personally run sessions an hour and a half to two hours basically because 50 minutes is a joke. There’s nothing you can do and 50 minutes that would be healing to the spirit and soul. You need time to get in and look at the fear it’s causing anxiety, depression, negative self talk etc.

It may take some time to locate a therapist that you feel is the right fit for you but there are some questions that you could ask over the phone that will help to hurry up the process and eliminate those therapist that you feel you will not be a good match with.

Find a therapist

Questions to ask when seeking help

  1. Ask the therapist how they set up their sessions. How long are the sessions and on average what is the length of stay for a client?
  2. What is their training or what is their technique that they use most often in counseling. For example one therapist might be using the cognitive behavioral approach and another narrative therapy. Be concerned if a therapist tries to rush you along and not discuss this with you.
  3. Ask the therapist if in between sessions they are able to communicate with you should an emergency come up or you need extra support. Also ask if these calls are prorated and charged. For me I feel that it is my duty and honor to be there for my clients in between sessions should they need me because they are going through a hard time or have a question to ask.
  4. Ask the therapist about confidentiality and their understanding as to what it means regarding you and your situation.
  5. Make sure to cover costs and cancellation policy. Many therapist will put in the paperwork that they will charge you full amount if you do not call within 24 hours. Make sure to get that information.
Find a therapist

Find a therapist

Start the healing process

Find a therapist today and start healing. Work together in a collaborative way to help understand the direction you need to take in order to live a life that’s full of peace, joy and happiness. There are good therapists out there that will spend quality time and give you quality work and attention personalized for your journey and experience to enlightenment.