Family Therapy


Family Therapy

Family therapy addresses issues specifically that directly affect the health of a family in a psychological way. Examples are (significant life transitions, mental health conditions, etc) Family therapy can be utilized as the primary form of therapy or as an add on to another style.

Family Therapy

The Benefits

Families benefit from therapy when members experience a stressful event. This event puts strain on the relationships. This can come in the form of financial hardship, sudden death involving a close friend of family member, divorce, etc.

Below is a list of common reason for seeking family therapy.

  • depression
  • chronic illness
  • substance abuse
  • or everyday concerns
  • food issues
  • interpersonal conflict
  • communication problems
  • Divorce
  • behavioral problems in children and adolescents.
  • Relocation

Family Therapy

Meeting with a Counselor

Therapy aims to promote understanding and the collaboration among family members in the attempt to solve the chaos and problems of at least one if not all of the individuals. For example, if a son or daughter is struggling socially and academically then therapy will place its focus on the patterns that are happening in the family. This goes against other models where just the child is evaluated alone. The family learns how they can support their child and work together with a common goal.

Family Therapy

Meeting with a Family Therapist

Family therapy is conducted by a licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) or a licensed Mental Health Counselor. The most optimal forms or schools of thought for conducting therapy are in my opinion Solution Focused and is short-term. On average 6-9 sessions can do the trick. Sessions are typically held one a week for an hour. The attendance depends on the necessity to see certain family members. This is determined by the goals set, how much involvement each has, etc. Many times I will meet with the parents alone for marriage or couples therapy.

Seek help for Family Therapy Today

So many have the idea that therapy is only for those who are bad off mentally. This is so far from the truth. We all need help in life to see outside of the very narrow tunnel vision we have. It’s nothing embarrassing. We all need to get over our pride and ego and help our loved ones who are struggling.

Call today and let’s start the process of healing the family. Even if all do not attend change can still occur. Call today at 407-967-1327. Understand our approach at High Expectations Counseling.