Emotional Scars of Physical Injuries

Emotional Scars of Physical Injuries

The ​Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)​ estimates that Americans collectively make 39 million visits to emergency departments for injuries each year. For an injured victim, the road to recovery can often be long and difficult. Beyond the physical trauma, a serious injury can also leave unseen emotional scars. Orlando therapy can help.

Following an accident, it is imperative that victims are able to get the full range of professional support they need to recover. This could include access to top-quality medical care and guidance from a qualified ​Orlando personal injury attorney​. In addition, injured victims can often benefit from working closely with a ​professional counselor​ who can offer them emotional therapy that is carefully tailored to meet their individual needs.

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The Devastating Emotional Toll of a Serious Physical Injury is tragic for most. Orlando Therapy can assist you. Few people understand just how devastating a serious accident can be on an emotional and psychological level. Mental trauma can be just as painful, just as real, and just as debilitating as a physical injury. In many cases, victims report that they experience emotional trauma for months or even years after their accident. It is common for accident victims to report generalized fear, anxiety, or distress.

In more severe cases, accident victims may even experience symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In fact, a study published by the ​National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)​ noted that PTSD is relatively common after serious motor vehicle accidents.

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Help With The Emotional Scars Left By Physical Injury

Three Ways a Professional Counselor and Orlando Therapy Can Help Resolve Emotional Pain

1. Identifying and Understanding Your Emotional Trauma

For most people, the first step in dealing with emotional pain is identifying and understanding the true source of the problem. This can be far more challenging than many people realize. For example, you may know that your emotional distress is linked to your car accident. However, that information alone does not tell you what is actually causing your trauma.

Perhaps it is a loss of sense of safety and security, or maybe it is another issue entirely. A professional Orlando mental health counselor will be able to help you clearly and carefully assess and understand your emotional pain.

2. Personalized Treatment and Attention

With emotional and psychological issues, fully personalized treatment is crucial. The recovery program that works best for your neighbor may be ineffective for you or for your loved one. As a patient, you need treatment that is well-suited for your unique circumstances. A mental health counselor who takes a holistic approach can help you create a path towards emotional recovery that will actually work for you.

3. Consistent, Effective Transformation

In many cases, emotional pain lingers after an accident because the victim has developed unhealthy or destructive thought patterns. This is both common and entirely natural. It should not be a source of shame. Further, this distress also does not have to be permanent. An experienced Orlando therapist can help you truly transform your mind. This involves addressing not just the symptoms that come with severe emotional trauma, but the deeper underlying issues that are the true source of the emotional distress.

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