Emotional Abuse Counseling Orlando

Emotional Abuse Counseling Orlando

Emotional abuse counseling Orlando and understanding fully what it is. Have you ever been with someone who is a pathological liar, has traits of narcissism, or is abusive? Maybe you are unaware that you even are.

Dating an emotionally abusive person may at first seem appealing. They are charming, have a face and plastic outer shell. Are they demeaning and controlling? Do they make you feel like your constantly overreacting and always telling you that your lying or up to something? You start to believe that something is wrong with you. Your constantly having to defend your position when your doing nothing wrong.

Emotional abuse can be occurred by a partner, parent, family member, coworker, your boss or a friend. It is not specific to any one person.

Emotional Abuse Counseling Orlando

The Goal of The Abuser

The abuser’s main goal will be to directly affect and completely control your emotions, your reasoning, and leave you feeling lost. Covert abuse is being used. It is secretly disguised by normal appearing actions. They are underhanded and sneaky. They go unseen easily.

The emotional abuser is methodical in attempts to chip away at bringing your confidence down. Your perception, self esteem and sense of worth decrease rapidly. All sorts of blame and accusations of lying are made.

The atmosphere that is created by the emotional abuser is one of fear, unpredictability, constant intimidation and the feeling of walking on eggshells. You find yourself pushed to the ledge with their sarcasm and under the belt cutting remarks until you can no longer take it and anger spills out making you the bad one. This in return now gives the abuser the ammunition to back up their story and confirm that you are the one at fault.

Emotional Abuse Counseling Orlando

Signs Your in This Type of Relationship

Emotional Abuse Counseling Orlando

Do you experience the following? If you do then you are in an emotionally abusive relationship:

Constantly accused and blamed

Your partner is able to shift responsibility and blame onto you. You are the cause of the problems that exist in the relationship. Remarks are made such a, “It is always your fault”, “What’s wrong with you?”, “I can never do enough.”

Punishing You by withholding things

Your partner refuses to actively listen to what you say. You are ignored when you ask questions. Little eye contact is made and your left constantly given the silent treatment. You are being punished. He or she refuses to tell you where they are going or where they may have been. Affection, feeling, words of encouragement are all withheld. These are attempts to control and manipulate.

Block and Divert

The abuser will steer the conversation away with refusing to have or to discuss the issue at hand. Interruptions are frequent to block you. Your words get twisted. The person will leave the room in the middle of the conversation or rudely interrupt. Your constantly criticized and feel you must defend your point constantly. You start to forget what the topic of the conversation even was.


He or she is always disapproving of your opinions, your perception of how you see life. It does not matter what you say they will purposely wear and tear you down.


Your experience of the abuse is denied. You may be called “crazy” or too”sensitive”. Your told your making things up and that it is all false. You slowly start to mistrust your own reality and perception. You go silent.

Cruel sense of humor

Verbal abuse can be disguised with mean and cruel jokes. The abuser will find ways to tease, ridicule and humiliate with sarcasm. Remarks are made about how you look, act, your personality and capabilities. You find the abuser making these cruel jokes right in front of family and friends. They know that they can get away with it because you will avoid a public scene. When you tell them to stop your told to lighten up and take a joke.

Basic Crazy Making

There is a use and combination of thinking that is distorted, forgets, tries to confuse you, blames you and stonewalls. You drive yourself to the point of insanity.

Judgment and Criticism

You are harshly criticized. Is it passed off as criticism disguised to be “constructive”? When you go to object you are then told that all they were doing was trying to help. Now your left feeling guilty.

Undermining You

Promises are broken and failure to come through on agreements are carried out. He minimizes all of your interests, all your effort, hobbies and achievements. Your concerns are not valid and are of no concern to them.

Emotional Abuse Counseling Orlando

Why Does it Continue?

Why do you stay in this relationship? Are you getting your needs filled? Are you so used to this treatment? Is this how you lived as a child so others in your adult years gravitate your way and treat you the same? You do not have to live your life under the pressure of this type of abuse. You are a loving and perfect spirit. Allow yourself to start to use your voice in a way that is going to heal, assert and command your own authority.

Seek therapy today for emotional abuse. Couples therapy or individual counseling are both effective types of therapy. If you feel your partner will not see the role they play and become defensive, come alone. You do the very necessary work on yourself. Release the anxiety, fear, depression you are holding onto. Live life to the fullest.