Does Social Media Make You Stressed?

Does Social Media Make You Stressed?


Does social media make you stressed? Are you stressed after visiting social media sites? If so, you are not alone. Many people recognize websites like Twitter and Facebook make them anxious despite being constructive in some respects. Because they increase stress, monitoring how they affect you, and adjusting your behavior when necessary, will support your mental health. Note these ways social media can block your well-being.

Among some of the the negative effects social media has on an individual: stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, cyberbullying, hacking, scams, cheating and relationship problems, drug abuse and even death. Stress is a way of life because we can’t avoid it but there are some activities that increase stress levels. Social media has been found to induce stress in different ways.

Reduce contentment

Doubtless, you were happier before you spotted perfected images of your peers living perfect lives online. Without them, there were fewer means to engage in comparison. Now, though, you check profiles and web pages daily and find a discrepancy between your life and those on show.


Of course, people you admire on social media tinker with their online images. They make them exciting and beautiful, but their outward appearance can upset you. Even when you realize no one is perfect, it’s hard to stop measuring yourself against them, and you could imagine you’re faulty.


You ponder what went wrong in your life because you have less success than other people seem to enjoy. Initially, you try to keep up with the high-fliers on social media and are dismayed when you fail. Despondency and the notion you’re inadequate increase.

Does Social Media Make You Stressed?

Decrease motivation and focus

Repeatedly clicking on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram becomes a habit. You visit them purposely at first. Later, though, you do so on autopilot, and if an event stops you, anxiety grows. You get stressed because you miss the little high checking them provides. Social media is considered to be just as addictive as any drug.


When you visit social media sites, the feel-good factor is short-lived. They bombard you with data, and the sheer volume is hard to handle, leaving you overwhelmed and confused.


Decrease health

Addictions, whether to websites or drugs, undermine your health. Social media sites cause mental strain when pessimistic headlines and negativity lower your mood. Too much viewing creates stress with the capacity to reduce your immunity and fend off colds and other ailments.


Consider changing your social media usage habits

Social media is helpful when you connect with friends and family and share information. Cutting it out of your life might not be practical, but monitoring your online visits and reducing them can strengthen your well-being.


You might benefit from checking your social media usage habits. How often do you frequent sites? How long do you spend on them? What type of media do you view most often, and how does it affect your mood? Do some social media sites stress you out more than others?


Consider changing your behavior to increase mental health if you visit websites often and feel tense afterward. Some media sites are uplifting, while others make you anxious. Perhaps it will help to check social sites once or twice a day at specific times. Or cut visits out if they upset you. You will understand how best to use social media once you recognize how it influences you.


While social media sites have merits, how you use them affects your well-being. Think about whether what you get from them matches your aims. If not, make your online viewing habits beneficial rather than stressful.


Therapy For Help With Social Media

If you would like to seek help for an addiction or attachment to social media then therapy is a great option. With a talented team of professionals you can start to learn healthier alternatives than reaching for your phone. Meet the team at High Expectations Counseling. We are here to help you get back to your roots. To a place where the outside does not determine your feelings of self worth and value. Call us today at 407-967-1327.