Do You Live With Toxic Parents?

Do You Live With Toxic Parents? For the most part your parents are always unhappy, frustrated with you and upset that you won’t conform to their demands?

They are always the victim placing their unhappiness onto you. Nothing you do seems to be right or good enough.

Toxic parents can never seem to see their kids as able to do right by them. They control and nitpick everything about their kids. Why do they do this? Do they even know why?

Most toxic parents live in a fog. With no room for others to have an opinion of their own. They personalize everything. They see it as a personal attack on them when other try to confront them or go against their “right view”..

Are we such a fragile generation that we can’t set our egos aside and be present for our children? We constantly have the need to be right. We impose that right view onto our kids leaving them no room to be an individual and think for themselves. This starts they cycle of self doubt, insecurities, inability to make decisions for themselves. Did you know as a parent that your job is to hold the line and make sure your children do no fall off the cliff. Aside from that can you let them fumble around and try to figure it out? Even if this means you have to watch them hit some walls. These walls are vital to their development in order for them to find their own alignment and way in life.

Do You Live With Toxic Parents?

Toxic parents are abusive, manipulative, extremely emotionally immature and often times very narcissistic. Many struggle with severe mental health issues.

Signs Your a Toxic Parent?

  1. Toxic parents are self-centered and only think about themselves first.
  2. They are emotionally reactive to everything and unable to be mature and non-reactive when things happen to their children that have nothing to do with them.
  3. Children become their parents friend. Children don’t care about the bills, who you’re dating or issues with their other parent. They want to be kids.
  4. Toxic parents tend to be extremely harshly critical. They are always picking out what they are doing wrong and making them feel shameful. They tend to not see the good achievements you’ve made and yet only the areas in which they deem you fail.
  5. There are little to no boundaries. The child has a hard time establishing a sense of autonomy and being able to have any independence. A toxic parent wants to know at all times who they talk to, where they’re going what they are thinking etc..
  6. They’re disrespectful and talk down to the children. They can’t even treat you with a common level of respect that most any human deserves.
  7. They tend to be overly angry and can be set off easily into a rage. It has little bearing over the issue at hand. It could be something very small.
  8. It’s vital to understand that it’s not your fault. Your parents are extremely broken and have never dealt with their own insecurities and issues.
  9. They can be highly manipulative and twist stories to their favor to make it seem like they’re always right. Children are left constantly confused and unsure of how to respond and act. Eggshell walking is the common behavior in the house.
  10. Toxic parents can be extremely demanding and expect everyone to drop what they’re doing and meet their needs first and foremost.

Seek Help From Toxic Parents

Understand your programming. When you start to gain awareness you will see that much of  who you think you are is just constructed by who  others have told you you are. Don’t settle there. This is where the work begins. Taking the journey into self discovery is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, This may require you to re-parent yourself. That may seem scary and daunting but it wont do that hard.  All it takes is the ability to remain open and teachable.

So, do you live with toxic parents? What if I told you that you can get to a place where it doesn’t matter if you do or do not.  We have a great team of therapists that are licensed and qualified you re-parent yourself and get you the healing you need and deserve. Call us for a free 15-minute phone consultation so that you can get any questions you may have answered by one of the therapist of your choice. Reach out today. Let the healing begin.