Do I Need Counseling Orlando?


Do I Need Counseling Orlando?

Do you feel that maybe you need counseling? If your even asking this question then it’s a good sign that you may benefit from seeking help from therapy. Our society will tell us that if we work hard and long enough, then our mental health is going to be fine. All we are told constantly through self help books and apps is that if we do yoga, listen to meditations and lean on friends for support we will be happy. We are so hard on ourselves as a culture when we feel anxious, depressed and can’t find out why. We live this rat race chasing after happiness as if it’s something we just need to catch.

Do I Need Counseling Orlando?

Science shows us speaking your concerns, fears and personal goals out loud to another can be powerful. Therapists are specifically trained not to judge you. They can help you to map out a clear direction and plan for your life.

If you feel stuck and wonder if you need counseling and if it’s right for you, the following are signs you could benefit from talking to a therapist.

1. You assume the worst.

When you are always assuming the worst, the facts have very little to no meaning. Optimism seems like a joke. This negative attitude and way of seeing the world will turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. Therapy can help assist you in ways of walking back from that cliff in your mind.

2. Your always mentally beating yourself up.

Do you have an internal battle going on inside of you? Nothing is good enough. You find yourself living and reliving the mistakes over and over. You have patience for others but not for yourself.

A helpful therapeutic approach is referred to as One therapy “externalizing,”. This is where you are able to learn to stop seeing your problems as external factors and forces rather than negative character flaws. By taking yourself less serious you can start to loosen up and see that the world is not coming to an end if you do something your coin as “bad” or wrong.

3. Your always taking the responsibility of others problems on as your own.

Some are good at avoiding fears while others try to control their fears. We become the chief enabler and try to control others. You may find it’s you obligation to pick up the phone when your mom calls even when you know it’s toxic and not healthy.

A good therapist can assist and help you see the pattern of overfunctioning in your family and what the triggers are that make you feel obligated to take on the heavy role.

4. You find yourself avoiding situations that are difficult.

It’s natural to want to avoid uncomfortable situations. Yet it’s not logical to think we can live in a bubble our whole life.

A therapist can assist with role playing your difficult situations. This helps you to practice facing what you perceive as uncomfortable and challenging. You will find yourself taking back your personal power and standing in your truth.

Do I Need Counseling Orlando?

There are a ton of good reasons and excuses to not seek help from a therapist. Bad insurance, too busy, finances, etc. Take the time to really ask yourself if your emotional state is worth the help. As a culture we tend to place mental health on the back burner.

Take a chance on seeking therapy. See if it helps. Understand my approach and style. I feel counseling is a collaborative effort. Let’s together help to set your life on the right path that will lead to true happiness and well being. Call today at 407-967-1327.