Depression Counselling Orlando


Depression Counselling Orlando

Depression Counselling Orlando and why talking to a therapist is so important. Depression is still seen as a stigma today even in 2016. People would rather suffer silently than reach out for help. They view depression as a weakness or a phase they must, on their own pull themselves out of. How can that work? You just find yourself trying to heal yourself but your thinking is off. You start to isolate more, withdrawal from loved ones and slowly slip away under the grips of depression.

Why Seek Depression Counselling Orlando
and talk to a complete stranger?

Seeking therapy or counseling (for the vast majority of people) can seem overwhelming and often intimidating. Why would a person feel the need to open up to a complete stranger in regards to their deepest pains? If your at the darkest and lowest point in your life then doesn’t baring your soul to a stranger who does not even know you seem invasive?

You may be thinking that going to see a counselor for depression is only going to make you more anxious. I can guarantee you that once you make the decision to do so you will see the benefits unfold in front of your eyes You will start to feel hope and encouragement instead of alone and going through this phase isolated and in pain. There is no minimizing the fact that depression counseling is difficult and scary. The benefits however far outweigh the difficulties of your situation.

Top 4 Reasons
Depression Counselling Orlando Works

Depression Counselling Orlando

1. It gives an individual a new and fresh perspective on their life.

When in the grips of depression it can often feel like we are wearing a blindfold, unable to navigate through life. We keep running into walls and trying to feel our way out of the situation. A therapist can take your hand and help you to remove the blinders and give you a new outlook. Listening to a person on the outside gives that new perspective on how to handle situations that once were no where to be found. You find yourself able to start handling life stress and daily activities become more and more manageable. My role as a therapist is to assist and provide understanding and awareness, empathy and balance. A renewed hope that your life can be full and wonderful. I will help you to remove the blinders.

2. It is a safe space.

The only way you will ever feel comfortable enough to open up with a therapist is if you feel safe and supported. This means that you are allowed to speak on the deep perceived dark places that depression takes you. You do not feel judged, or shamed. An effective therapist provides their clients with a safe place to do the work necessary to lay out the fears, irrational belief systems and anxieties in order that we can together move through them. This is why I always advice my potential clients to call for the free 30 minute phone session and ask as many questions as you need to. It’s your right and you should make me explain my technique and approach to helping you.

3. Depression Counseling is beneficial for your relationships and marriage.

Depression directly affects those around you. Your relationships with others especially your partner may be trying desperately to understand and help you. It is difficult to explain to them how your feeling. At the same time they may be taking it personal and feeling like they caused the depression. It can get very sticky here. When you seek therapy you are lifting the responsibility from yourself and partner to help “fix you”. This in return relieves the tension and stress tremendously from your partner.

4. Bottom line is that you need a professional.

Now that you realize your partner cannot fix you and that you need help your ready to let dependence on others to help you wash away. If you broke your leg from a fall you would seek out a professional medical doctor. The same goes with mental health counseling. When your thinking is distorted or you feel trapped in your thoughts, it’s time to seek the help of a professional.

I was not born knowing how to effectively work with clients but through 15 years of counseling, schooling and honing my skills, I am equipped with a set of tools that I can pass on to you. Counseling like any other specialized service takes years of practice and fine tuning as well as repetition. We are not as unique as we give ourselves credit for. Individuals follow the same similar patterns of thinking. This is the conditioning of humanity and years of beliefs that we have bought into. The phrase “As a man thinketh so shall he become” is the concept that our thoughts mold our thinking which in return creates our reactions and behaviors in the world. Your friends, family, children, partners and coworkers are not equipped with the skill set to help you even if they have pure intentions to do so.