Couples Therapy Questions Orlando


Couples Therapy Questions Orlando

Couples therapy questions Orlando and what are the right questions to ask? Many clients are under the impression that therapy is a last ditch effort to helping a relationship. Why is it not one of the first things to take into consideration. Individuals believe that with enough will power they can change the situation. They can change their partner. The work is not to change another. It is to change yourself and your perspective of the problems.

Couples Therapy Questions Orlando

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions facing couples today when it comes to deciding if therapy will work for them or not.

1. What Is The Average Length Of Sessions?

Most therapist stick to 50 min for a session. I cannot understand how that is helpful. I need at least 90 minutes for my sessions. You will leave feeling like you got some real work done.

2. What Is The Main Goal For Couples Counseling?

A main goal is to learn to stop trying to manipulate and get the other person to conform to your ways. It looks at maladaptive patterns of communication and negative feedback loops.

3. What Is The Relationship Going To Look Like Once We Had Therapy?

By the conclusion of therapy my hopes are that you and your spouse feel like a team. That there is honest and authentic communication. You both will feel safe to use your voice and speak on your own truths. Conflict is resoled quickly.

4. How Will I Know If I Have The Right Counselor?

Fully understanding my approach is vital. I am not like most therapist. I will challenge your belief systems in the hopes that you will gain awareness. With over 16 years in the field of counseling, I and am very close to my clients and receptive to their feedback.

5. How Will I Know If Marriage Counseling Is What I Need?

Often times a relationship is in crisis. Even if over very small things. Communication gets hard. When the relationship no longer feels nurturing and safe you may want to seek counseling.

6. We Both Attempted Therapy Once Before And It Was Bad

Not all couples are a good match with certain therapists. Even if it did not mesh well in the past does not mean it wont work. Don’t bring expectations into therapy. Stay open and receptive.

Couples Therapy Questions Orlando

Couples have every right to ask as many questions as they feel they need to. Understanding the process is part of the journey. Don’t let pride or ego hold you back from receiving the help you need today. Call now and let’s talk about my approach some more.