Couple Therapy Orlando


Couple Therapy Orlando

Couple Therapy Orlando and what is involved in the process. Many wonder just how couple therapy Orlando works. Well to tell you the truth, it is different for every couple. The truth is that it works if you decide to work it. If you come with the mindset that therapy for a relationship can improve your situation, then you will see benefits and great gains made in the process. If you come with a negative view and are pessimistic about the process, likely you will not make any progress.

Couple Therapy Orlando

Ways to Approach therapy for a positive outcome

Don’t come to therapy to get the therapist to tell you who is right and who is wrong.

This is the biggest mistake I see made with couples. They really think that the therapist will see that one side is right and that the other partner is wrong. In very rare occasions this may be the case. If your partner suffers from trauma, depression, extreme codependency or another mental health related issue. When this is the case and your partner is clearly confused, individual counseling is suggested for the individual that needs to do the deeper work on themselves.

Have a positive outlook on the prospect of healing the relationship.

You must believe on some level that going to a therapist can help the situation. You and your partners situation is not unique. If there are therapist working in this field then that is proof enough that it works. Couple Therapy Orlando is a chance for you to sift and sort through the problems in your relationship with a third party to assist in pointing out things you both do not see.

Couple Therapy Orlando

Do the work outside of session.

I would not give a client and their partner homework or an assignment just to keep them busy till the next session. There is a distinct reason why I am asking that the clients do certain work. It may be to just observe a certain behavior or it may be a writing assignment. Either way, if it is suggested then don’t waste time and effort by putting it off and not doing it. You don’t do anyone any favors by dodging it.

Leave your pride and ego at the door.

I understand that for many, couple therapy Orlando is hard work and it requires you to take an honest look at yourself. This will involve the ability to own what is your part. No one is judging or asking you to admit to something that you did not do. I am only asking if you would be willing to stay open and allow yourself to be honest with your part and the role you played in the relationship getting to where it is. Letting go of the ego which is only fear disguised as defensiveness.

Be honest with yourself and your partner.

What is the point in spending the time and money if your not going to be honest in therapy? Don’t come if that is the case. Save your partner and the therapist the time and energy. If you cannot get honest with the fact that you have played a part in getting the relationship to an unhealthy or unmanageable stage then you may want to consider more serious types of therapy for yourself. Reality based and Narrative therapy may be more in line for you. You must see that you are part of a system. If a behavior keeps continuing and you are part and half of that system then yes you are contributing. Couple therapy Orlando asks that you be honest enough to bring forth the truth as you see it.

Couple Therapy Orlando

As you can see there is a way to get off to a great start. A way to do the work that is necessary for couple therapy Orlando to work. Taking the suggestions listed above will position you into alignment to receive the benefits that counseling has to offer.