Counselors in Orlando


Counselors in Orlando

How do you go about choosing the right counselors in Orlando? Good question. Easier said than done. It’s a decision that needs close attention and care. Your mental health is one of the most important if not the most important aspect of who you are. Having clear thoughts, alignment to oneself and the ability to move with relative ease in this world are highly valuable tools. Counselors in Orlando, good ones, can be hard to find at times. What makes for good counselors in Orlando?

Counselors in Orlando

The following are some criteria or basic related items and topics that counselors in Orlando that are proficient will know and assist you with:

  1. They are trained and hold a state of Florida License. Make sure your therapist is licensed by the state.
  2. What experience does the therapist have related to your concern? You want to find a counselor that is an expert in depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, relationships, family therapy, etc.
  3. How flexible is the therapist in regards to payment? Don’t let the cost deter you from coming. Always ask if a sliding scale fee is an option. A caring and supportive counseling center will work with you. It does not hurt to ask.
  4. Counselors in Orlando need to be compassionate and tailor fit therapy to your specific and unique needs. If you feel like just a number then you probably are being treated like one. There’s nothing worse than a therapist that is a clock watcher. Your time is valuable and should be treated as such.
  5. A good therapist will try to understand what it is you need and want. If your unclear as to what exactly it is that you want, it is the counselor’s job to assist you in figuring out what that is. They do this by asking a series of specific questions at the most appropriate times.
  6. If your exhibiting certain symptoms then the counselor needs to and should be proficient at explaining what those are to you.
  7. Keeping up to date with the latest research and the new evidence-based treatment is a must. You should feel free to be able to ask the therapist about the efficacy as it relates to their techniques. Good and effective counselors in Orlando will not have anything to hide.
  8. Continuing ongoing training as well as education. Attending conferences, workshops, reading new literature in the field are all ways to ensure that a therapist is staying up to date on the latest techniques and findings in the field.

Counselors In Orlando

At High Expectations Counseling we have a great and diverse team of therapist.

Thomas Cruz

Specializes in Addiction, leadership coaching and working with men and young adults. He also is very proficient in male group therapy and life coaching.

Shannon Manuszewski

Has her level 2 training certificate in the Gottman Approach for couples therapy. This is one of if not the most effective and research based proven techniques for helping couples having marital and relationship issues. She is also trained in working with the LGBT community.

Sally High

Specializes in working with those individuals who are ready to make the life change to increasing their consciousness and awareness about who they are in relationship to this world. Specific work around life transition and the work of inner self actualization is her passion.

Each of our therapist are unique and one of a kind. You will feel supported and encouraged as you work with one of our therapist.

Counselors In Orlando

Stop putting off tomorrow what you can do today. Be brave and reach out. Call us at 407-967-1327. We offer in office session, phone and video conferencing sessions. If your ready to meet some great and effective counselors in Orlando then here is a great place to start.