Counselor and what is one? How do I go about finding an effective counselor that understands who I am and what I am going through? Do these questions race through your mind when you think of attending counseling? Do you fear that you will be exposed and that a counselor will really just pretend to understand what your going through and the real truth is they can’t relate?

These are very real questions that I have heard over the years. Many are still living with the stigma that seeking help is only for the weak and very sick. The idea that if you seek a counselor you must be crazy has long been thrown out the window. Most of the clients I see or at least half have done some form of counseling (individual, couples, life coaching, family, marriage, teen, child, etc). Many report that it was helpful and that they are seeking to continue their growth.

I can’t think of many good reasons why everyone does not have a counselor. Don’t we all wear blinders when it comes to certain areas of our lives? Don’t we all need to be held accountable for our lives, our actions and how we affect others? To think that we can pull ourselves out of depression, anger, anxiety etc, may not be impossible but it is the hardest thing to do. Our best thinking gets us into a jam. To think that we can understand the same mind that got us in a mess will be the same mind that will pull us out is insanity.


What are the benefits?

  • A non biased environment where your free to express yourself openly.
  • A person who is fully listening and does not snap at the chance to throw their two cents in.
  • A sounding board for you to be able to discuss your internal dialogue and thought process.
  • Support and education about topics your unclear about.
  • The opportunity to expand your awareness.
  • The chance to challenge old and irrational belief systems.
  • To look at maladaptive patterns of behavior that you want to change.

These are just a few advantages but the list goes on and on.


Who to pick?

How do you go about finding a counselor that is the right fit for you? Do you just pick anyone online? I would suggest you follow the below criteria to ensure your getting someone that is tailor fit to your certain needs and reasons for seeking help.

  • What is the counselors level of education?
  • What do they specialize in?
  • What schools of thought do they use in therapy?(CBT, Narrative, RET, etc)
  • Does the pricing work for you?
  • How available are they?
  • Can you speak to the counselor before attending therapy?

Sites like Psychology Today, Theravive and Yelp are great ways to search for counselors that have been verified and authentic.

You want to pick a counselor that you feel comfortable with. If not then what’s the point in even paying for therapy. You want a counselor that is compassionate but also firm and holds you to your goals. I am more concerned about my clients doing the work they say they need rather than wanting my clients to like me. If that were the case I would be thinking of myself and not present to hold the space for them. I won’t beat around the bush. Let’s do the work.

The definition of a counselor is: a person specifically trained in the process of providing advice. My definition is slightly different. I don’t presume to know what the right answer is for you. I will however show other options or paths that maybe were out of your view or range of awareness. If I give advice then I am saying I know what is right or wrong. I do not. Only you know that answer. I can point the way, allowing you to process what works for you or not. You ultimately will know the direction to take.


Seek one Today

So what is holding you back? Don’t let pride and ego get in the way. Restore yourself and find the balance you need in your life. Let’s work together to understand how you can come into full alignment with the highest version of who you are. Call today at 407-967-1327. Let’s start the real and changing work that will set you free.