Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Counseling services and what should I expect from therapy? What is the therapeutic process and what services should I utilize? These are all great questions. They have several different answers. Therapy and Counseling Services are unique and tailor fit to meet the individual, couple or families needs. It is a great way to gain the insight and awareness needed to help you self actualize.

Many people have various needs and are unable to find the resources that are targeted to their personal issues or problems.

Counseling Services

Different Types

“Counseling” is a broad category encompassing many opportunities in the sub fields of under the umbrella of counseling.

Counselors you will find working in private practice, schools, hospitals, rehab facilities, and many other locations,

Types of Counseling Fields

Below are the most common counseling fields and specialties:

  • Marriage Counseling

    Partners come together for therapy. Here they meet for general relationship problems, premarital therapy, divorce counseling, conflict resolution, etc.

  • Guidance/Career Counseling

    You meet with a therapist to help you in areas of growth in regards to career.

  • Mental Health Counseling

    Addressing issues related specifically to mental health issues, anxiety, anger, depression, bipolar, etc.

  • Substance Abuse/Drug Counseling

    Therapy to assist in educating client about their drug use and recovery from drugs and alcohol.

  • Individual Counseling

    Meeting one on one with a therapist to address personal issues related to self.

  • Spiritual Counseling

    This may include therapy targeted to a particular religion or spirituality in general. Here you explore your relationship with a higher power and how you relate in this world. It is a personal journey of expansion and self awareness.

  • Family Counseling

    Works with the entire system. All relevant members meet together to look at the system at large. Here the focus is on systems and how improving the family leads to effective and lasting change.

  • Counseling for Teens and Children

    Works directly with the teen of child one on one. This may utilize play therapy for younger children.

  • Group counseling

    A group with the same issues meet together with a therapist to seek support and guidance.

Counseling Services

Where do you start to find the right therapist? How does one proceed in choosing the best fit?

  1. Call several therapist and speak directly with the them. Ask questions and see if you feel your a good fit.
  2. Ask family and friends for a referral.
  3. Go online and research.
  4. Ask your primary doctor for qualified therapist in your area.
  5. Sites like Psychology Today have a large directory of therapist to choose from.

Call today and let me guide you to understanding what to look for in a therapist. We are not all the same. We specialize in various areas with different theoretical approaches. Above all you want to feel confident and safe to share. Call today at 407-967-1327.