Counseling Services For Men Orlando

Counseling Services For Men Orlando

A man’s issues often refers to multiple concerns that can affect mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Statistically, men tend to not seek therapy. They do however when attending report the same concerns that anyone attending might have. Depression, fear, career, anxiety, relationships, grief, etc are a few to name.

Historical, Family, Social, and Cultural Factors For Men

There are therapeutic methods designed specifically for men. This is fairly new. Throughout history, men have been frequently defined by very distinct roles. Hunters, the warrior, family protector and provider, etc. These roles are very seldom called into question or debated. They were for sure not psychoanalyzed.

A greater awareness and understanding of early human primary behavior as well as recent findings from the modern brain and science has helped to create a much deeper and connected understanding of emotions, attributes and awareness that are particular to many men. This increase in knowledge helps to facilitate a better understanding of actions, feelings, and thoughts that men are more likely to come across and experience. In particular those relating to the traditional ideas culture has developed about masculinity.

Counseling Services For Men Orlando

What Brings Men to Therapy?

Men’s roles have changed in the workplace, in relationships, and in society, to more closely and strongly reflect equality. A challenge men may face is the way that the symptoms of a mental health condition are personally experienced. A man suffering from depression might be angry, sad, irritable, and men usually in general, are less likely to cry, talk about feelings and express the internal feelings or if they are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Studies have shown that men who have PTSD are likely to cope using drugs and/or alcohol. Men often avoid therapy until a major crisis occurs. They are fearful of what others may think. What if they are called weak by family and friends? By waiting, Treatment starts to become much harder.

Depression is known to be the most commonly sought reason men seek help. Life situations such as career, relationships, can create anxiety, frustration, sadness, lack of energy and a persistent feeling of stress. Other issues are retirement for older men or the death of a loved one. This can lead to, if unchecked, health problems such as insomnia, weight gain or loss, changes in their memory and much more.

Counseling Services For Men Orlando

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