Counseling Orlando and How To Find A Great Therapist


Counseling Orlando and How To Find A Great Therapist

Counseling Orlando takes full cooperation by both the client and the therapist in order for it to be most effective. Making difficult life changes in ones behaviors and thinking is not easy and many avoid seeking counseling just for this reason. Because it is challenging and pushes you to often be placed in a position of real and lasting change. As humans we are not a big fan of change. Even if this change is going to benefit us in the long run.

What you should expect to accomplish in counseling with your therapist needs to be clearly defined when you start therapy. Discussing time frames that are realistic and setting achievable goals so you can see success. Also discussed is how you will know when you have reached your goals.

Counseling Orlando and Finding the Right Therapist

Establishing a healthy and trusting relationship with your counselor is very important in order for counseling Orlando to work. You must feel you can be completely honest about the problem areas, behaviors and feelings that are causing you distress. Each therapist has their own style and approach to therapy. You want to make sure that it is a good fit for you. Read more about my approach to get a full understanding of my style.

It is different and very tailor fit to each of my clients. It is not cookie cutter or a one size fits all approach. If you find that after a few therapy sessions you do not mesh well with your therapist then you need to ask for a referral. Trust that the therapist will be professional and not take it personal. If they do then who cares?

When you have found the right therapist you will know. You will feel your anxiety about opening up decrease. What are some signs for you to look for in order to know if counseling is effective?

Signs of Effective Counseling Orlando

1. We don’t sound like a Lifetime Movie.

Really corny phrases such as “how does that make you feel”, “so can you tell me some more about that” and, “So what I hear that your saying is …”, are not used in therapy. On television they may be used. Great therapist are not going to ask you watered down questions that sound like that.

2. We will give you more than just advice

Don’t seek counseling or a therapist for a quick fix. It won’t last. I call this band aid therapy. Slap on a few coping skills and out the door you go. Therapist that are great and passionate about what they do, jump in head first and are not afraid to roll their sleeves up. We gather as much information as we can to help you see change and solutions that will work. Above all else a great counselor knows that only you know yourself the best so they are placing you in the front drivers seat.

3. We are not trying to be your best friend.

It is only human nature for people to want others to like them. Many therapist in counseling unfortunately have not processed their own issues. They get into this field without knowing it to “fix themselves” under the notion they are helping others figure their life out. Seek a new therapist if your counselor wants to spend an hour talking about the last episode of Game of Thrones or their own marriage problems. It is alright for a therapist to disclose personal experience to help you better understand a concept or to gain insight and self awareness. You are paying for therapy so the sessions need to be about you as the primary focus.

4. Therapist that are good have a great ability to listen to your feedback.

You will be encouraged to talk and speak up if you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable or anxious in counseling. Not all approaches a therapist uses may work for you. Tell your counselor that your struggling with resistance. This may be when you leave session and find it hard to work on a newly learned skill. We do not know unless you give us feedback. If a therapist personalizes it, well then “oh well”. That is not personal to you. You want to be challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone. How else will real change occur?

5. Therapists are invested and interested in who you are.

You want counseling to be all about you. Many therapist stack 7 or 8 clients back to back a day. It is obvious the therapist is off thinking about something else. You deserve a fighter, cheerleader, life coach, advocate and a challenger all wrapped in one for a therapist. You want your counselor to be excited about your life and the positive changes your making. I find myself on the edge of my seat with my clients because I just know great things are coming. Even if my client can’t see it, they may be depressed or feel lost but I know things are changing for the better. I feel blessed and honored to have a front row seat to watch this beautiful unfolding of your life.

There are many more aspects and components that make up a great counseling experience. Remember to speak up when you don’t feel comfortable. Ask for what you need. You will come across therapist that are pretty lousy at counseling. Don’t let that stop you from finding the best one for you.

Counseling Orlando

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