Counseling In Orlando


Counseling In Orlando

Just what does Counseling in Orlando involve? Do I have to go sit in front of a total stranger and spill my whole life story? Is it necessary to discuss every time I felt anger, depression, anxiety, etc? What if the therapist looks at me like I am some weird creature from another planet?

These are all valid and real questions we ask ourselves before entering into therapy. There are all sorts of therapist that practice from all sorts of different approaches.

Counseling In Orlando

The various Techniques

The following techniques or school of therapy I utilize the most are listed below:

Narrative therapy

What does not work is when we compare and strive to meet other couple’s standards of what we perceive as a good marriage. Many couples get caught getting the advice from other married couples only to find out that their marriages were anything less than good. The only one you need to be honest and authentic in is your own relationship. The advice givers are the ones that are more than likely trying to just convince themselves.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This approach seeks to show the client how their thoughts control their feelings and as a result their behaviors. If a person thinks a situation is scary, they feel anxious and avoid that which they fear or may have severe anxiety and panic attacks.

Strategic Therapy

This type of therapy is where the therapist will initiate what will happen during the session. An approach is design for each problem. That approach is specific to each problem area.

Mindfulness Based Therapy

This approach combines cognitive behavioral therapy techniques with several mindfulness strategies in an attempt to assist and help the client to understand better how to manage thoughts and emotions so they gain the awareness and skills necessary to be relieved from symptoms of stress and anxiety. The most common being breathe work, meditation both audio and sitting, or walking meditations.

Counseling In Orlando

The therapy process in many ways is similar to an educational experience. The client will learn more about him/herself. They will also acquire a new set of skills. Below is a list of some of the things a client will learn while involved in Counseling in Orlando.

  • They will improve communication and their interpersonal skills.
  • They will have a greater sense of self acceptance and self-esteem.
  • They will have the ability to change their self-defeating behaviors and/or habits.
  • There will be a better expression and the management of their emotions. Especially as you will see with anger.
  • There will be a marked difference from depression, anger and anxiety as well as many other conditions related to mental health.
  • You will see and increased sense of confidence and improved decision-making skills.
  • You will be be able to manage stress effectively.
  • Your problem-solving and your conflict resolution abilities will improve greatly.

Counseling In Orlando

Take a chance and get involved with counseling in Orlando. At Life Counseling Orlando you will feel heard, seen, and validated. Understand more about my approach to therapy. It is much more than just the modalities or approaches I use the affectively helps my clients to succeed in life. It is about the collaboration and a united effort to learn more about who we are.

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