Counseling for Couples Orlando

Counseling for Couples Orlando

Making the active choice to attend couples counseling can feel like a very, very big step. We must acknowledge that the relationship is not perfect. Also, that your partner and you have some unfinished business in your personal lives that is not settled. Attending Counseling for couples Orlando can feel confusing and strange. It also will involve a quite a bit of effort on both you and your partners end. You must discuss payment, coordinating both times to meet, and more. This may overwhelm a couple and then therapy goes forgotten. How do you proceed, and can your problems come to a resolution?  

Counseling for Couples Orlando

Common Topics

The following is an outline of common topics and issues couples attend therapy for. It’s very important when choosing the right therapist that you have an initial free consultation. This is a good way for you and your partner to make sure you feel you’re a good fit. Ask questions and the sooner the better. 

1. The trust is broken.

A common reason for seeking counseling for couples Orlando is to gain advice and help overcoming a breach in trust. Was it infidelity, an emotional affair, or a history of lying and deception? Either way, in a healthy relationship a space is created where both feel they can express their vulnerabilities. 

2. Arguments become more and more frequent. 

Is the rhythm and pace of both your day to day lives becoming more and more conflict-filled? They may be small or short arguments. Maybe these blowouts are large, leaving drama in their wake. No matter the size, it’s how frequent they are happening that needs close attention. More importantly, it could be indicating a significant problem under the surface that are not being dealt with.

3. Poor Communication.

Conflict may not be the problem, but you may constantly be feeling misunderstood or ignored. Maybe you feel like a stranger with your partner. You have no idea what is going on emotionally with one another. A clear goal in counseling for couples Orlando is to improve communication. A skilled and trained counselor can better equip you with the tools for you and your partner to connect, hear each other, and understand where each are coming from on a day to day basis. 

4. Something feels wrong, and you are not sure what it is and why.

Just like in individual counseling, couples therapy can be useful solving and identifying problems. For example, you feel that the dynamics of the marriage have changed, and you cannot describe exactly what it is. You are resentful, frustrated and feel hopeless. This is an early warning sign that the relationship could be heading into a dysfunctional or unhealthy direction. There is not one sole person responsible for this. A tune up is needed. Therapy is the perfect place for you and your partner to get back on track.

5. The Emotional intimacy is diminished and gone.

We cannot expect after more than a decade with our partner to feel that spark every time we see them. Couples tends to feel more like a roommate instead of soul mates. Maybe the daily grind of life has worn you both down. Maybe you both are unwilling to budge and are set in your ways. The monotony of daily life is keeping you both from connecting. It’s time to prioritize. Many partners quietly grow apart. They then seek to meet their needs outside of the relationship. Counseling for Couples Orlando is greatly beneficial.

6. Physical intimacy becomes a problem.

Sexual issues stem from the relationship problems. It is at the forefront of the couple’s daily complaints. Sometimes this change is obvious and very frustrating. The couple goes from having frequent sex to almost none. This is alarming. Resentments and anger are created. Assumptions are made, and words go unspoken. A very skilled counselor can help a couple rekindle the spark.