Counseling Family


Counseling Family

Counseling Family and are you a good fit? There isn’t much question when a member of the family is seeming healthy, happy and content. Mothers and fathers will experience the greatest joy from seeing their family stable and healthy.

But unfortunately not all families will be stable at all times. Modern life brings stress, anxiety, and depression. A family can quickly be brought to their knees when a mental health crisis approaches. Children with disabilities, increased financial stress, behavioral and emotional challenges affect a family dramatically. Even the normal stages and ages for childhood development can rock a family at their core.

Some families have a built-in resiliency to most of these problems listed above. However, even the healthiest families often feel the need for help.

Counseling Family

Deciding if family therapy is for you is a big decision. You may feel that your admitting defeat but no your not. Choosing to get help for your family or for you and your spouse to improve the family is the smartest and bravest move you can make. If you can imagine therapy as a tool box than you can see how useful it is. You are learning new tools: listening, communication, conflict resolution, anger management and much more.

If you find your family is experiencing any of the following symptoms (one or more) then it might be time to seriously consider getting help from a qualified professional therapist.

Family members that have a difficult time functioning at normal capacity.

Is your family feeling the energy drain? Do normal routine things feel like a burden?

Family members often tend to have extremely high emotional reactions.

Do any members of your family seem to exhibit excessive anger, depression, fear, sadness, or any other emotional reactions?

There is a breakdown in the communication between the family members.

Are you finding it harder to communicate than you usually do? Are you and other members giving each other the silent treatment?

Family members seem to be withdrawing from the family life.

Is a new pattern forming where one or more members of the family is going into seclusion?

There are signs and symptoms of violence or there is the threat of violence to self or another member.

This goes beyond just normal “horseplay”. Do you as the parent feel the violence is a real problem? Would you call it assault?

Family members may express feelings of worthlessness, helplessness or that of hopelessness.

Have you reached the end of the rope? Is coping with all of the stress just too much to even bear? Do you often wonder if your families going to recover?

There are changes in the child/children’s behaviors at home and/or school.

Are their grades nosediving? What about their attendance? Are they being disruptive? How about out of control?

The family may have had a traumatic experience.

The members are really having a difficult time coping. Recently has there maybe been a death in the immediate family? How about divorce or a separation? An affair that’s been discovered? Is your family struggling to adjust to this new truth or reality?

Family members that may have a substance abuse problem.

Are there challenges in the family with alcohol or drug use/abuse? How about a member with gambling or shopping addiction?

Counseling Family

Finding the Right Family Therapist

Once you have decided that the time is right for your family to get family counseling, families will then have the sometimes overwhelming task of finding and then selecting the right therapist that fits their needs.

Personal recommendations

This is one of the best ways to find a therapist. If a family that you know has been previously to counseling, then ask them about how their experience was with that therapist. How well does the therapist communicate? What actions were taken and targeted in therapy?

Questions important to ask

When you’re interviewing a therapist, don’t hesitate to ask:

  • Where did you get your counseling degree?
  • Is your degree in family therapy or a related field or discipline?
  • How long have you been in the field?
  • What experience do you have in treating my specific situation?
  • Do you have a philosophical approach to working with families? What school if thought do you follow?

Counseling Family

Deciding to seek help for counseling family is a big step. When things go sideways in the family it is always helpful to have an outside observer to assist in bringing awareness to the issues at hand. Seeking help for the family is not a sign of weakness. Call today at 407-967-1327 and let’s start working together to bring your family back to alignment.