Control Your Emotions and Keep Your Anger in Check

Control Your Emotions and Keep Your Anger in Check

Anger Management in Orlando and how to find healthy outlet of expression. We all have experienced moments in our lives were we want to lash out and scream at at someone or a situation we don’t find desirable. There have been times we let anger overcome and override every other emotion. We are left feeling embarrassed afterwards.

The truth is anger is a healthy emotion and very normal to feel from time to time, and the problem particularly is not the emotion itself but how we handle it. The goal is to not let anger overwhelm you and become the overriding emotion.

Being able to adequately control anger helps us prevent doing things that we may regret later. A lot of factors could trigger anger in us. These factors can either be internal or external. External triggers are made up different events and people that influence the course of our lives. External triggers can include thinking about past experiences, dwelling on personal issues and forecasting what we believe will happen in the future.


Some people seem to get angrier than others. Why is this? We have all come across people who get angry every chance they get. Once the situation doesn’t seem to be going their way, the next thing they do is explode on everyone around them. This tendency to get intense emotions within a short period makes us tag them as “short-tempered” or “hot heads.” Other people are usually very careful when around these type of people. The issue with short-tempered people is that their tolerance level for frustration is very low. They do not know how to adequately control feelings of frustration, irritation, anxiety or any other form of inconvenience or annoyance.

It is important to take full responsibility for how we each control our anger. Many of us have seen growing up parents that modeled inappropriate expressions of anger. Others were taught to suppress anger rather than learn to express it in an appropriate and healthy way. When a child grows up in a disruptive environment where everyone expresses their emotions by getting angry, such a child when he/she becomes an adult may find it hard not follow in the same footsteps.

How To Deal With Anger

The following are suggestions for handling anger in a healthier way: See if any of these suggestions are helpful to you.

  • 1. Express how your feeling

    Whenever you are angry, the best way to let anybody know is by expressing it. It then depends on you how you choose to let people know that you are angry. You could choose either a rational discussion or lash out angrily or scream at the top of your voice. The healthiest response is to express your emotions in a calm and assertive way. Take a time out of you need to them reengage in the conversation.

  • 2. Don’t Suppress the Your Anger

    Sometimes emotions run so high that it’s hard to hold it in. Still many do and this later comes out as passive aggressive or sarcastic behavior. It is vital to learn that neither suppressing or exploding outwardly are healthy forms of expressing anger. Methods such as breathwork and meditation are incredibly helpful in regulating your anger.

  • 3. Calm down

    This method is advised for anger management in Orlando, and it works to help keep anger at a bay. This takes a great deal of knowing yourself and how you are affected by the emotions of anger. By properly managing the internal dialogue or the stories you make up about events around you, feelings of anger will start to subside.

Anger Management in Orlando

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If you suffer from anger and feel this article is helpful then learn more about my approach to therapy. Let’s get started placing you on a peaceful path. You don’t have to sit and suffer any longer. Understanding yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Emotional intelligence is in my opinion just as important if not more than intellectual intelligence. It’s time to raise the bar and think before we lash out and hurt ourselves and others.