Children Therapy


Children Therapy

Child therapy is therapy that is focused on children and their psychological needs. Like many adults, there are those times when a child will need a therapists expertise. Most parents will raise the question around what is Child Therapy. Many parents do not know the difference between child therapy and adult therapy. Therapist trained to work with children treat them between the ages 3-11.

Child Therapy

What are The Reasons For It?

There are several different reasons a child will benefit from child therapy. Traumatic life events such as:

  • Death of a person close to them
  • Divorce
  • Bullying
  • Relocating to new school or town
  • Social issues
  • Stress
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Changes in mood

What Is Child Therapy?

Psychotherapy for a child is focused on the child solely and is based in scientific techniques designed to enhance and benefit the child. Children unlike adults express their emotions very differently than adults do. It is not at all uncommon for a child to act or react emotionally or for them to exhibit mood, social, and sleep disturbances. They are not mature enough yet to be able to articulate their emotions very effectively. Licensed child counselors will understand the unique needs of a child. They have the special training to work with them.

Types of Child Therapy

Psychotherapy for young children takes on many forms. This is depending upon the therapist, and the very unique need of the child. Play therapy is an effective type of therapy. It utilizes play in order to help the child articulate and to express their emotions and their inner thoughts. Play therapy was designed to work from the child’s perspective. It also helps them feel they can open up and with ease.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is another form of child therapy. This type of counseling teaches skills such as how to replace negative thought with positive thought, and how to utilize coping techniques and skills for controlling their behavioral issues. CBT works to give children the skills for how to deal with stimuli that makes them feel uncomfortable. It aims to address behavioral problems, social and emotional problems as well.

Child Therapy

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The therapist will determine the type of child therapy to use. Treatment is tailor fit and unique to each child. It is specific to their needs and issues. A proficient children’s counselor has several modalities or types of therapy they are able to call upon to give the child the best help

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