Children 's Therapy Orlando


Children’s Therapy Orlando

Children’s therapy Orlando is a section or targeted area of psychotherapy. It focuses on the needs psychologically of children. Like many adults, children’s therapy is much needed in today’s society. Many parents are not informed when it comes to the difference between adult and children’s therapy. What is the difference you may find yourself asking?

Children’s Therapy Orlando

Common Reasons to Attend

There are several various reasons a child may need therapy:

  • A trauma or serious life event (death of a loved one.)
  • Divorce and separation of family.
  • Bullying
  • Inattentiveness
  • Conduct disorder
  • Social problems
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Sudden changes in mood
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Many More…

Children’s Therapy Orlando

What does it look like?

Children Therapy focuses on the individual child. It is research based and scientifically backed by specific techniques that are effective. Children express their emotions very differently than adults. It is common to see children act up emotionally. They also can display serious mood shifts. Their sleep can be affected, as well as significant disturbances in social settings. They have not matured to the point they are able to articulate their own emotions. It is hard to understand them. Licensed child therapist’s understands the particular needs children have and they possess the training specific that will meet their needs.

Children struggle emotionally and they need the attention and therapy that many parents, and schools overlook. Children act differently in all types of social situations. A teacher may see something different than a parent sees at home. This is why many times a teacher is the first to notice the maladaptive behavior of a child first.

Children’s Therapy Orlando

Different Types

Children Therapy Orlando, depending on the therapist approaches counseling from various approaches. The approach is also dependent on the child’s needs. Play therapy is commonly used. It helps to allow the child to express what is going on internally through play. Play therapy is setup to reach and work from the viewpoint and perspective of the child. This approach puts the child at ease and the child does not feel pressured with heavy and direct questions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common technique used with children’s therapy. CBT therapy aims to assist and teach skills for replacing negative thoughts or irrational thinking with positive or rational thoughts. It helps implement coping skills that children can use to help control behavioral issues. It is useful in helping with emotional, behavioral and social problem areas.

Depending on the therapist different styles and techniques will be used. Therapy is unique and tailor fit for the child. A proficient therapist will use several different types and approaches to help the child.

Children Therapy

Don’t wait any longer to get the help your child needs. Call today at 407-967-1327 and let’s get them the assistance they need and deserve. Just because your child does not verbalize they need help does not mean they are not suffering or struggling. Learn more about my approach with children and how to best assist them.