Boot Camp Orlando


Boot Camp Orlando

What is the advantage of attending a boot camp Orlando fitness class? New workouts as well as fad fitness workouts and classes pop up overnight. It seems that every week there is a new trendy class or workout. Maybe sticking to the basics is the best way to go.

When your in doubt, look to our countries local servicemen with good, solid old-fashioned Boot Camp. So what is boot camp? For starters, it’s conducting high intensity intervals that go between running and intensive weight resistance training. It’s a very intense workout leaving you completely breathless. You get the benefits of having toned and strong abs as well as muscular strong legs.

Boot Camp Orlando

Boot camp Orlando is designed to challenge every single muscle group in your body. You are given a little rest in between each of the sets. You will for sure feel the burn. By moving around constantly for a half hour, you will not have time to rest. Because of this your body is burning 100’s of calories. This continues even after you have stopped. It’s a great way to push and to challenge yourself.

Boot Camp Orlando is for the very strong as well as weak, the very fit and the not so very fit. Boot camp does not discriminate. If you have the will to succeed and finish then you can do it. The results are truly astonishing.

Boot Camp Orlando – The Advantages

Most boot camp classes will involve cardio and weight training. In a half hour you will get your cardio and weight training done for the day. That’s a good thing if you hate doing cardio workouts. Mixing your workout up is essential in order to lose weight. You need both to get the results you really want.

Build Your Confidence

Once you have completed your first boot camp class, your heart is pounding out of your chest and your body is fatigued, you will get a surge of energy and a boost in confidence. It’s a great accomplishment when you see how far you can push your body. Completing a class improves your self esteem. You will feel proud of yourself for having completed the class.

Bootcamp classes aim to push you past any blocks you have both mental and physical. There is no such thing as slacking. It does not matter what your fitness level may be, with the help of your instructor you will push past your barriers.

There is a huge benefit to having someone tell you to fight and push through what fear your unable to do. Many of us need the extra pushing. The instructor is there to help and discover that inner warrior. This warrior resides in us all.

Bootcamp will teach you discipline. In each class your working as a team. You will be forced to unite and team up with other bootcampers and conquer together the 30 minutes of class.

Boot Camp Orlando – Never a Boring Minute

It’s easy to get bored with daily workout routines. Getting on the treadmill staring at the wall and praying the time goes by is never much fun. Boot camp will never get boring. Each class is different. Time will fly by.

Come try out boot camp today at High Expectations . Offering Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6:00am, 6:30am and 8:30am classes and Saturday 8am. Give us a call at 321-624-1204 and get plugged in.