Self Reliance and Spirituality


Self Reliance and Spirituality

Self reliance and spirituality. Let’s break this down. What does self reliance in today’s society? In our work, relationships, family life, etc? Do we not take on more and more responsibilities and roles? It gets confusing as to what is or isn’t our responsibility. In work for example, everyone is striving for more, trying to prove more, be more, do more, etc. It’s exhausting and we find no joy or happiness in the career which spills over to the family and as an end result buries you in layers of resentment, fear, anger, shame, guilt and so on. We become self loathing and so easily place ourselves in the righteous victim role.

Self Reliance and Spirituality – How Does Spirituality Play a Role?

This concept of spirituality has become just a punch word used today, an idea that may be good for others but in regards to you is not based in reality. Maybe you can’t see it, touch it, and frankly don’t care to explore it. You may think that it’s great for those who you perceive as weak or conforming to an idea that gives them hope for their lives and guidance. You are different. Your strong, reliable, and resilient. You don’t need to rely on anyone or anything. As humans we are conditioned from birth to be tough, to fend for ourselves and to trust nobody. Why do you feel isolated, full of fear, anxiety, looking over your shoulder for who is about to attack? The load seems heavy and hard to navigate out of this matrix we call life.

Can you open up your mind ever so slightly to the idea that you’re living in a programmed, hard-wired video game? Everyone in this video game is holding their own remote control. Most are not aware they are holding it. We are programmed or “conditioned”. Humans have been planted in this game and so we play the game, get better at learning the game, faster, learn the tricks to getting to another level or winning a stage of the game. In actuality you become programmed farther into the game of life and can become your very own master programmer. DNA is coded and hard wired. This is what I refer to as asleep.

Self Reliance and Spirituality Building a Bridge to Spirituality

Does self-reliance work, is you have no awareness of yourself? You just play the game, you seek to gain more, win, conquer, climb and achieve. If you can start seeing yourself as two separate parts. The Mind and the Spirit you will be able to take a step back and for the first time as if your eyes snapped wide open, you suddenly see yourself outside of the video game. You are watching yourself and others playing the game.  You are the creator of your destiny.

Congratulations, you are now tapping into your higher self. Your true self, the spirit self. What a relief to know that you don’t have to play the “game”.

The connection to Spirit, God or the Higher Source is our navigation system now. No longer are we puppets on a string.

Come join me as we work together to bring awareness and a whole new perspective to your life.