Benefits Of Utilizing A Sensory Deprivation Tank and Therapy Together


Benefits Of Utilizing A Sensory Deprivation Tank and Therapy Together

Benefits of a sensory deprivation tank

There are a vast amount of psychological and also medical benefits of using a sensory deprivation tank. It has been known to help with anxiety disorders, depression, stress, and chronic pain.

Float tanks aid in reducing stress and anxiety. Studies show that in just a one hour session there was a significant reduction in the clients anxiety and improved mood. Also it helped with sleep disturbances, depression, fatigue and irritability.

Can it relieve pain?

The effects of utilizing a sensory deprivation tank for chronic pain have been confirmed by a vast amount of studies. It’s great for treating several studies. It is great for treating tension headaches, muscle tension, and overall pain. Studies also show it helps in neck pain and soreness as well as those who have suffered whiplash.

Does it improve my cardiovascular health?

Flotation-REST therapy can improve your cardiovascular health. It works by inducing a deep state of relaxation that then reduces your stress and can improve sleep. What leads to cardiovascular disease is chronic stress and lack of sleep.

Can it make me happier?

There are many people that claim using a float tank leaves them feeling happier and more euphoric. They leave their one hour session feeling less stressed, more grounded, and have an overall more optimistic outlook.

Others report using the float tank for deep spiritual work. It is a great form of meditation. They feel it brings about a deep inner peace and stillness. Great moments of insight come to you during this relaxed state.

Flotation tanks assist in releasing endorphins that are the bodies essential natural pain relief. These endorphins reduce the blood pressure. Even if you just use it to reduce stress your going to have a wonderful experience.

Create Your Own Float Tank

Once upon a time, Epsom salt baths were used to treat World War I soldiers suffering from shell shock. The salts appeared to give the body and nerves soothing relief. Although flotation tanks are a relatively new invention, they have been devised to do the same thing—calm the nerves and sooth the body. You can, however, approximate a flotation tank right in the privacy of your own home spa or bathroom.

You will need to have roughly 6 lb of Epsom salts for a session. Keep in mind the potency of these salts; leave the bath after twenty minutes of use. Also, if you suffer from conditions such as Diabetes, hypertension or a heart condition, you should check with your healthcare provider before attempting this spa treatment.

Before running a bath, shower first to remove any dirt and oil from your hair, body and face. Be sure the door is closed while you shower in order to build up plenty of heat. Once the room is sufficiently warmed, run a bath adding the 6 lbs of Epsom salts. Not only will the salts allow you the ability to float in the buoyant water, they also keep your skin from wrinkling. Try to achieve a water temperature of about 84° F.

To increase the relaxing effects of your homemade flotation tank, turn off the lights. Some bathers prefer earplugs to drown away all noise. However, if soothing music has a positive effect for you, consider playing some during your fifteen minute session. As your body gives in to the feeling of weightlessness, you should discover a feeling of physical restoration.

Try it at High Expectations Counseling

We are proud to announce our very own integration of float therapy. We will be able to utilize this therapy alongside traditional therapy with our clients. Call us today at 407-967-1327 for more information.