Increasing Your Consciousness

Increasing Your Consciousness

Awareness and increasing your level of consciousness. Why would this be something sought after by so many people today? Long are the days where people are willing to sit around and debate about whose right and whose wrong.

We still have a long way to go but people are starting to awaken. People are becoming disillusioned by what’s happening today in the world. We are starting to think for ourselves. To listen to that still small voice inside of us instead of the monkey mind as described in Buddhism.  

Increasing Your ConsciousnessIncreasing Your Consciousness.

10 Signs your starting to increase your consciousness:

  1. You feel disconnected or detached. It can feel like your on this path alone.
  2. Suddenly you will start to reevaluated your beliefs and morals. Old behaviors no longer serve you. You find it hard to talk behind another’s back. You want to live a simple life of being kind and loving.
  3. Your dreams are more vivid.
  4. You experience more synchronicities. Because your awakened you start to see that things are big just random.
  5. Your relationships with others start to change. It’s hard for others who are asleep to understand the shift in you. You may feel for a time disconnected an alienation.
  6. You feel that spirituality is becoming a very important part of your day to day life. life.
  7. As a result of this higher level of consciousness you are much more able to sense when another is inauthentic and very manipulated. Your no longer easily snowed by con artist of people with toxic energy.
  8. Your outlook starts to change. Everyone you soon realize is on their own path and that it is very different for each person. You find less and less of the need to impose your truth on other. Even if they do it to you. Soon you see that they are simply asleep.
  9. Your going to feel connected much more to the nature. Your connected to energy and as your frequency rises you start to appreciate the universe and prefer to be outside among the elements of nature.
  10. The way you see this world feels very different. You start to see others as not intentionally trying to hurt you. They are just afraid and asleep. A deep sense of compassion starts to develop. You are more patient with others. You take things less personally.

Increasing Your Consciousness.

The truth is that we all have blind spots. We can’t catch ourselves from ourselves and although we try we seem to keep running around in circles never sure how to pull ourselves from our own mind and the conditioned narratives that keep playing around and around.

Usually it takes a major life situation that really can rock a person to the core. This may be a divorce, close call with death, etc. It’s in the darkest times often that we are finally defeated and we see that our best efforts can’t save us.

Seek Help Today

Seeking guidance to assist you through your spiritual awakening.

Seeking guidance from a therapist that specializes in working with clients in the area of increasing your consciousness can be invaluable. When we seek mental health counseling your seeking to work with a therapists whose sole job is to help you bring awareness into your life. You learn to challenge your old narratives and conditioned belief systems that keep you asleep. It’s the best work there is. In my opinion there is no other work as important as waking up to your highest self.

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