Anger Management Orlando


Anger Management Orlando

Anger management Orlando and learning to keep your anger and temper under control is challenging at times. We all get angry at times. It is a normal human response. How we choose to direct and manage our anger is another story. It is up to the individual to learn to deal with anger emotions in a constructive way so that it does not impair your life.

Do you feel rage if someone suddenly cuts you off while in traffic? Do you find you have high blood pressure when your children or someone refuses to listen and cooperate with you? It is very important to learn to handle anger in a way that is positive. Out of control anger takes a gradual toll on your body. It affects not only you but also those your close to. Relationships with family and partners are all affected.

Anger Management Orlando

5 Tips To Dealing with Anger

1. Think right before you go to speak

In the moment when things are heated, it is very easy to say hurtful words you will regret later. Try taking a few minutes to collect your thoughts. If you can catch yourself before you explode then congrats. Your aware of your anger. This will allow the other person on the other end to follow the same.

2. When you have calmed down then express your frustration

Once your thinking clearly then express your anger instead of yelling by being assertive and not confrontational. Without expectation of how the other will take or receive your statement, say your peace directly and only once.

3. Get exercise

Physical exercise helps to reduce your stress. The build up of anger needs to come off and getting outside is a sure way to help decrease pent up frustration. Being active can help stress to reduce when you become angry. If your feeling that your anger is escalating then go walking or running. Spend time doing anything active.

Anger Management Orlando

4. Take a much needed timeout

Timeouts are for adults also. Not only for kids. Allow yourself short intentional breaks during the day. If you have been sitting or in one place for a length of time. Give yourself some quiet time so your calmer and able to handle stress that may come your way.

5. Identify some possible solutions

Instead of just focusing on the things that make you mad, try to go to the source of the anger. It is usually fear. What is making you mad? Are you frustrated with your boss? Do you feel trapped and controlled? What external event or person is not doing what you want them to do or say. Is it personal or is it an unmet expectation?

Anger Management Orlando

Seeking Help

There is help for you if you find that your struggling with anger. Do not let it control your life. Seek therapy or anger management counseling today. Learn how to get to the root of your anger. It is an emotion and response from a story or conditioned idea that your creating in your mind. Change the story and your anger is eliminated.

Call today for a free 30 minute phone consultation and let’s start the good work.