Alcohol Addiction Counseling Orlando

Alcohol Addiction Counseling Orlando

Alcohol Addiction Counseling Orlando and getting the help you need to live a clean and sober life. Alcohol is a controlled and legal substance. When ingested it can lower anxiety and also your inhibitions. There are also a wide range of side effects. Some include slurred speech, poor judgment, impulsive and reckless behavior, loss of motor skills, etc.

It is important to note that not everyone who drinks alcohol is or will be an alcoholic. If however you find your life is impacted negatively and consistently, you may be facing an addiction to alcohol or a heavy dependency. Alcohol comes in the forms of wine, hard liquor and beer.

Alcohol Addiction Counseling Orlando

Binge Drinking

Understanding Binge Drinking

A common occurrence with those who consume larger than normal amounts of alcohol is binge drinking. It is describes for men as having 5 or more drinks and for women 4 or more within two hours. Often times a binge drinker is able to stop drinking on their own. If your addicted though, against all efforts to stop you find it hard to go without drinking. Those who have a history of prolonged binge drinking need help. It will and can grow into a full blown addiction.

What are the Immediate Alcohol Effects?

Alcohol is known to be a depressant. It affects the Central Nervous System. When the CNS is affected your mental and physical processes are effected. You may feel the first drink take the “edge off” and anxiety slips away. Some say it is “liquid courage” and gives them the ability to be social and not themselves. They feel relief from the stories their mind makes up telling them that others think poorly of them.

Alcohol is such a widely common and accepted drink in today’s society. It is hard to tell who may or may not have a problem. The gauge often used is when the drinking is negatively affecting your life yet you still drink anyway.

Alcohol Addiction Counseling Orlando

Negative Signs of Abuse

Alcohol Addiction Counseling Orlando
  • Physical and self harm or increased illness.
  • Your relationships with others becomes strained.
  • Loss of motivation.
  • Isolation from others.
  • Feelings of depression and shame.
  • Inability to perform at work.
  • Increase financial hardships and difficulty.

This is a very general list and not even close to the many problems the consumption of large amounts of alcohol has on a person. It rips through you and your loved ones lives leaving nothing but destruction in its path.

Alcohol Addiction Counseling Orlando

Seek Help Today

Seek the help you need to day and receive alcohol addiction counseling. It may seem hard to pick up the phone and ask for assistance. Let me help guide you through to the other side. I speak as not only a therapist but also as a women in recovery. I get it and understand how this addiction screams and tears at you constantly trying to get you to numb the pain. No more numbing. Reclaim your life today.