Adult Children of Alcoholics

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Orlando Counseling is a powerful way to understand this type of conditioning early on in childhood. Growing up in a home with an alcoholic parent can put a child through an emotional rollercoaster. A common misconception by many alcoholics is the belief that their drinking does not affect others.

Studies show that in fact, the behavior caused by drinking excessively in front of your children can lead to long lasting effects on those same children into late adulthood.

The term “adult children” refers to those individuals who were raised in a home with an alcoholic or paraalchoholic and demonstrate traits that show past neglect or abuse.

Adult Children of Alcoholics
and Orlando Counseling

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Counseling Orlando can help you to identify common characteristics many can identify with as it related to being raised in a home with an alcoholic.

1. Seeking approval from others.

This is one of the most common characteristics. Adult children of alcoholics tend to seek approval and lose their own identity in the process. They tend to not speak up for themselves and base all of their decisions on others opinions. It is common for these individuals to feel a sense of guilt when standing up for themselves instead of giving in to others.

2. Low self-esteem.

Adult children of Alcoholics tend to struggle with their self-esteem. They tend to judge themselves harshly and talk down on themselves. They never feel good enough and have a hard time giving themselves credit.

3. Take themselves too seriously.

They can be their toughest critics. Their thoughts race with judgement on themselves and this can lead to anxiety and depression.

4. Have difficulty with intimate relationships.

Adult children of alcoholics tend to have a hard time opening up and trusting others. This can be because of a lack of emotional attachment to their parent. A healthy relationship consists of interdependence, emotional attachment and trust. They may struggle or avoid getting close to others all together.

These are just some common characteristics of adult children of alcoholics. Do these characteristics feel familiar to you? If so, you are not alone. You may have been subconsciously aware that growing up in an alcoholic home has affected you, but it usually takes introspection and looking at yourself to really see the affects that it has had on you.