seeking help for adhd


Seeking Help for ADHD

Seeking help for ADHD or attention deficit disorder hyperactive type. Who knows today if a child truly has it or not? By medical standards it is very hard to make this call. All of the evidence a Dr is going off of is self report from the patient. In most cases this is from the parents of children. Maybe you have read articles or you have a friend who has told you that your child has ADHD. You may perceive your child as hyper and not able to focus so you instantly think a pill will solve the problem. Maybe your child truly does have it. Whatever the case may be, understanding the effects and symptoms are important before placing any child on a controlled mind and mood altering substance.

Seeking Help for ADHD

Understanding the Symptoms

  • Excessive talking/being highly impatient/constant movement/easily getting distracted/trouble -playing quietly/interrupting others etc.
  • Shows signs of being disorganized.
  • Lack the ability to focus.
  • Has a hard time paying attention to the details and makes careless mistakes. The work they turn in may be messy.
  • Find themselves having trouble staying on a certain topic while talking. The child is not fully listening to others as well as not following the expected rules.
  • They show signs of forgetting daily activities (missing appointments, forgetting to bring their homework or lunch).
  • They are easily distracted by even the slightest noises that most would usually ignore.

A kid who is at a developing stage is curious about the things around him/her. Their brain is highly sensitive and it wants to learn as much as it can. In this era of 21st century where many kids are turning up as child prodigies, we have to understand that a developing brain needs to respond in different ways in order to grow.

The above factors are the type of responses it usually gives depending upon the situation.

There is no specific test to confirm ADHD. Don’t panic by reading misguided articles on the internet about ADHD and children. There has to be a conducted detailed medical examination of a child, sometimes brain mapping, to confirm if it is ADHD or not. There are standard guidelines set up for the diagnosis of ADHD in the USA.

Usually what looks like a symptoms of ADHD, turns out to be a natural behavior. Caused by any sudden changes in the environment around him/her. Such as a child going through the divorce of his parents or a family member passing. Any kind of anxiety or stress issue with the child or maybe he is suffering from any bipolar disorder. But it is certainly not ADHD. Parents need to understand that not everything on the internet is true and that they should conduct extensive research or contact a medical representative before jumping to any conclusions.

Parents suddenly arrive to a conclusion and start medicating there child without any advice from a professional. This will eventually lead to inculcate more symptoms of ADHD even when the child is perfectly fine. The chemicals in the medicine may cause side effects and start creating a new problem. Especially in today’s world where people go by the word of mouth from others, we need to be more careful and attentive. Not everything that your neighbors say is true. A family member may have suffered from ADHD but that does not mean another will. It also does not make that person an authority on the subject. Please consult a doctor before jumping to conclusions.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important to avoid any kind of disease or condition, aside from ADHD. If you eat healthy food and enjoy your work and leisure time, then there’s a huge increase in the flow of the Oxycontin hormone in the body. Oxycontin or more commonly said ‘the happy hormone’ refreshes the mind and body and saves you from any anxiety or stress. Especially children, who are budding packs of talent, should play and eat healthy a lot. People in the USA lead a stressful life and they should stop doing so immediately. Children learn from there parents, so first check yourself before jumping to the conclusion. Maybe any activity of yours has led your children into showing any of the above factors.

Seeking Help With ADHD

All in all, ADHD is a very significant issue. Parents should avoid any type of medication without consulting a doctor. Let the children enjoy themselves. As a society lets not place them on something that may alter their special talents and gifts.

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