5 Myths About Anxiety

5 Myths About Anxiety

5 myths about anxiety. Myths about anxiety can stop you getting the help you need or making positive changes to reduce stress. They can also prevent you from recognizing when others need support. Bust them, and you’ll be wiser about mental health and can improve your well-being.

  1. Everyone’s stressed much of the time

    While anxiousness is natural, and necessary for survival, it shouldn’t be a permanent state of mind. Many people are stressed, but lots know how to manage their emotions too. Understanding how they go about coping with challenges can help you deal with yours.

  2. Anxiety is always harmful

    Anxiety is a symptom of stress, and people often become stressed for good reasons. Your anxiety indicates you need to make changes in your life to increase well-being. Instead of ignoring anxiety, see it as a sign something’s got to give and explore what that might be so you can improve your lot.

  3. I can’t change your emotions

    No emotion is fixed; if it were, you couldn’t switch from happy to sad or vice versa. You might have been anxious for a long time, but this doesn’t mean you can’t become happy and calm. Perhaps you’ve tried several self-help methods, or reached out for professional help and not received the right assistance. If so, don’t give up because there will be a method that works for you. Experiment and find what makes you feel better.

  4. If you do not have symptoms, you aren’t anxious

    People who take medication to ease stress and depression often imagine they are cured when their symptoms fade from view. The truth, however, is that some anti-anxiety medications cover signs of distress, and when remedies stop, anxiety floods back with a vengeance. Many think you aren’t stressed when anxiety is chronic. Long-term stress can be so familiar it’s hard to recognize. Symptoms such as anxiety-related insomnia, irritability, and poor physical health sometimes get overlooked when they’ve been around a long time.

  5. Anxiety is similar for everyone

    Individuals cope with setbacks differently. What you find stressful another person may find easy to manage, and the same is true the other way around. Also, anxiety may show up in the form of headaches and digestive upsets for you but appear in a completely different way for someone else.

Busting anxiety myths makes you wiser and gives you the information you need to change how you feel. If you’re anxious then take steps to improve your mental health and don’t quit until you’re satisfied. Your mental state can change, even if it doesn’t feel possible at present, and you’ll find a method to ease stress if you explore.

Myths About Anxiety

Be proactive about dealing with anxiety. Don’t just believe anything you hear. At High Expectations Counseling we are prepared to help you understand the origin  of your anxiety and how to live a life where it is not ruling your every moment. Call us today at 407-967-1327.