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Virtual Reality Therapy and Anger Management in Orlando

We all get angry from time to time. For most of us we are hopefully able to catch ourselves when it gets out of control. But we have all had times when we feel it gets the best of us. What if I were to tell you that there is a way to enhance your awareness and in conjunction with therapy you can add the benefits of virtual reality when learning to manage anger.

For most when coming to therapy you engage in cognitive behavioral therapy by understanding what those triggers are that anger you, bring your awareness to them and then look at the story or programming behind why you believe a statement or idea is generating so much conflict. Our minds are constantly scanning your surroundings and creating narratives and stories about what is going on around you. It’s pulling from the past, projecting into the future and then pulling it into the present moment. This is why meditation and mindfulness is so important.

Virtual Reality Therapy and Anger Management in OrlandoFor many this approach is effective but what if I were to tell you that Virtual Reality Therapy and Anger Management in Orlando can be effective when used in conjunction with each other.

How Does Virtual Reality Therapy Work

Imagine you’re at home and you start to feel yourself getting angry over something. You are then able to log onto your computer and put the virtual headset on and get transported to an underwater scene where you are instantly immersed into another world of peace and tranquility. You hear soft and gentle music playing in the background and you feel a sense of peace start to come over you. When you are immersed into the virtual reality world your brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is not. So when you start to immerse yourself underwater in the virtual world your brain really thinks this is occurring. It’s harder for your mind to latch onto the thoughts that are driving the anger.

You will find the following occur:

  • Your thoughts come to the present moment.
  • Your heart rate decreases.
  • You come out of the fight or flight response.
  • Your muscles start to relax.
  • You start to feel more peaceful.
  • After you complete the module you will find it harder to get angry.

Virtual Reality Therapy for Anger Management in Orlando

Seeking help is the first step in getting your anger under control. Remember that you don’t have to let your anger rule your life. With mental health therapy along with virtual reality therapy you will find yourself less able to hold onto the anger. You never want an emotion to have that much hold on you.

At High Expectations Counseling we have a team of talented and licensed therapist ready to help you begin your recovery from anger. Get set on the path to understanding what is driving the anger and have the tools you need to step into a virtual reality that will help assist you from walking away from the triggers driving your anger. Call us today at 407-967-1327 and schedule a free 15 min phone consultation to get the help you need.