Relationships and Dating Orlando

Relationships and Dating Orlando

Relationships and dating Orlando isn’t all fun and romance. Many of us feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting out there and dating. Where do we look? Do we jump online and start searching for any random person we think might be a good fit? How do we know they are being authentic and honest? These are all really good questions to ask. There is never a for sure way of knowing till you have spent time with someone. I always say that after 6 months of spending time with someone you will start to see their true colors. It is hard to keep up the act and playing a role is hard to keep up. If you’re dating with the intention of a serious relationship, you need to keep your eyes open. Here are four red flags you can’t ignore when dating.

Relationships and Dating Orlando | The Four Red Flags

1. He’s vague when talking about his life

If you’ve been seeing a man for a while and he’s still vague about the details of his life, this can be seen as a red flag. Also if he doesn’t talk to you for a couple days and comes back only to say he was busy, you’ll be left wondering what exactly he was busy with. If you ask and he’s still vague, this is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. A man you’re seeing should be able to discuss his family and friends.

2. He doesn’t have friends.

If the man you’re dating doesn’t have any friends at all, this should be seen as a red flag, especially if he expects to spend all of his free time with you. If you have friends of your own, you will want to see them without him sometimes. Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you need to do everything together. A man who has no friends is also cause for concern since you don’t know why he has no friends. Is he a loner or does he not get along with other people? If he doesn’t like to be around others, he might not take any interest in your family or friends when you become serious.

3. He wants you to account for every moment you aren’t together.

It may seem flattering that the man you’re dating wants to know what you’ve been doing while you’ve been apart, but if his curiosity begins to feel like an interrogation, this is a red flag. When he expects you to account for every hour and needs to know exactly who you were with, this is more than innocent interest. Dating a man doesn’t entitle him to give you the third degree about your life without him. You might feel guilty for not mentioning you bumped into a friend or went for coffee with a co-worker. He might get upset if he texts you and you don’t answer immediately. These actions are red flags because they signal a need for control.

4. He tries to change you

A man should date you because he likes you for who you are. If the man you’re dating seems to slowly be trying to change you, this is a red flag. Whether he doesn’t like what you wear or the way you do your makeup or your hobbies, it’s not his place to change you. This is a form of control and needs to be taken seriously. Make it clear you won’t change and if he doesn’t accept you as you are, dump him. You deserve to be with someone who loves you as you are.

Relationships and Dating Orlando

Relationships and dating Orlando can be hard especially if you’re no longer in the going out scene. This is where seeking the help from a therapist or coach can be useful. Therapy can help you to identify those things that are negative that keep drawing you back into toxic relationships even when the red flags are there.

Dating is an important time in a relationship. It’s when you learn about the man you’re dating and decide if you can see a future with him. It’s as important to look not only at his good qualities but not ignore the ones that you know you just may not be in alignment with.

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