Premarital Marriage Counseling In Orlando

Premarital Marriage Counseling In Orlando, FL: A 21st Century Trend?

Premarital counseling in Orlando, as a generic institution, has been around as long as the institution of marriage itself. In days gone by the local priest or pastor filled this role.

Couples who found themselves arguing all the time or disagreeing on most day-to-day subjects would seek out the priest. Social mores dictated for the most part that divorce simply was not an option.

Times were simpler then. Marital disagreements were typically centered around financial issues, parenting methods and sex. Modern times bring Modern Problems.

Clearing The Road Ahead

If you were struck by that queasy feeling of Déjà vu, you are not alone. Often the realization that the old adage ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’ is true. The more people tend to resist. “My problems are unique – no one else is going through what I am going through…”

Armed with the knowledge that the majority of marital disagreements are rooted in these three fundamental areas of day-to-day interaction, modern couples are beginning to realize that if these issues are addressed before matrimony, the road ahead carries fewer obstacles.

Once thought of as a ‘last-ditch’ or ‘Plan Z’ effort to keep an existing marriage intact, professionals and couples alike are adopting the ‘ounce of prevention’ mindset to quell problem areas before they become just that: Problem Areas.

Premarital Counseling Is Abundant and Affordable

Today couples are seeking premarital counseling as a way to sift and sort through topics and areas that could potentially be problem areas if not addressed. I have a lot of respect for those couples I see that want to come in not because they have a problem but because they want to be proactive in covering all the bases to make sure they are on the same page. That shows maturity, awareness and a level of commitment to the relationship that is honorable.

We have been so conditioned by society, parents, religion, etc. that we believe certain things to be “truth”. Understanding that everyone’s truth is valid takes awareness and the ability to have abstract thinking. Yes you two may be in love but have you discussed things like: How do we want to run the house, do we agree on how to save and how much to save, do we want children and when. These are topics discussed in therapy.

It could be said that any couple contemplating matrimony is a candidate for pre-marital counseling. As a generalization, this is indeed true. Generalizations are just what they are. They do not reflect specific realities. Although rare, some couples are highly compatible.  They experience few if any problems in their relationship.


Premarital Counseling in Orlando | Seek The Help You Need Today

In these times of high divorce rates and broken families, it is comforting to know that there are effectual methods of prevention. They are available to those enlightened couples seeking to avert disaster before disaster strikes.

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