How to Create Boundaries between You and Your Spouse

How to Create Boundaries Between You and Your Spouse

Even marriages require a little bit of space.  Marriages are made up of two individuals trying to thrive as individuals working together.  Although that may sound complicated, it actually rather simple.  By having the space and boundaries to spread your wings and grow independently, you can have a more successful relationship together.  As professionals in marriage counseling in Orlando, we help many clients work on their boundaries in their relationship.  There are a few ways you can create boundaries between you and your spouse.

Understand Your Thresholds

Everyone has different thresholds of what they can handle, and this also includes emotions as well.  When we are pushed to our breaking points, we can lash out or create conflict that can be easily avoided.  Have conversations with your significant other about what you can handle and tolerate.  Ask for space when things are getting heated or uncomfortable.  These conversations will help both of you understand when the other person is struggling to deal with too much.

Talk about Money

Money is one of the biggest causes of fights in relationships.  It can cause stress, anxiety, and even anger.  Whenever you take the time to set up a clear financial plan with your partner, you will be able to always fall back on your plan when things get tough.  Talk about your expenses and set up payment plans for the bills that you can.  This will alleviate stress when it comes time to talk about your spending and your budget, which can save you from many arguments.

Have Conversations about Family Expectations

Family dynamics are complicated. This causes a strain on your relationship.   When your family doesn’t approve of your spouse or you have strained relationships with your family, this can cause issues in your relationship.  Talk about family expectations from the very beginning.  Make plans to separate holidays, spend time equally with both sides of the family, and also anything involving your children (or future children).  This will set yourself up for success when these stressful events roll around, as you will already know your plans on dealing with family.

Boundaries are essential in any relationship – but when a friend or loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they’re even more important.

Avoid Bringing Up the Past

Everyone has a past, and this past shouldn’t constantly come up to haunt you.  When your partner struggles to come to terms with people from your past, whether they are exes or friends, you need to have discussions about how to move forward.  Coming to terms with you and your partner’s past is critical in moving forward towards a bright future.  Work on keeping the past in the past so that you can focus on building your current relationship.

These are a few of the ways that you can work on establishing boundaries in your relationship.  When you set boundaries, you are able to focus on what both of you need to grow together.  If you are looking for quality marriage counseling in Orlando, contact High Expectations Counseling to schedule your appointment with us today.