Helping Autistic Children In Orlando


Helping Autistic Children In Orlando: Strategies for Parents

Helping Autistic Children Orlando and how can parents get the support they need. with autism spectrum disorders face unique challenges. Every parent wants their child to enjoy a happy, healthy life. You can help your child cope with their condition and handle their quirks more effectively with a little help from these strategies.

Helping Autistic ChildrenKnowledge is Power

Before doing anything else, you should learn all you can about autism spectrum disorders. Knowledge truly is power when it comes to autism, and will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of what your child is going through. We know too much today about how to help our children and give them the skills they need to succeed.

Helping Autistic Children In Orlando

Know Your Child’s Triggers

Children with autism spectrum disorders have triggers that set off bad, disruptive, and even violent behavior that are often referred to as temper tantrums. While it is true that every child displays fits of anger occasionally, autistic children tend to exhibit longer, more frequent tantrums that are typically more destructive than that of a non-autistic child. Many parents fail to see the correlation between a specific action and a tantrum, which is why it is so important to know your child’s triggers. Observe your child’s behavior consistently to determine what affects his or her mood. Write these things down. For example, some autistic children find loud noises aggravating, which can trigger a tantrum. Others may find soft music calming, which can be used to promote calmness and prevent outburst.

Helping Autistic Children In OrlandoProvide a Structured Daily Routine

Autistic children prefer structure and consistency over spontaneity. It helps them feel secure and safe, and can also reduce outburst and bad behavior. Develop a daily schedule for your child and stick with it. Clearly define daily goals and specific times for activities, meals, naps, and play time. Avoid changing the routine as much as possible. When you are forced to, calmly let your child know about the change well in advance.

Positive Reinforcement Goes a Long Way

All children respond to positive reinforcement, but autistic children especially appreciate it. Consistently provide praise or small rewards, such as a new toy, when your child exhibits good behavior or learns a new skill. This will encourage him or her to continue to display good behavior.

Respond to Nonverbal Cues

Children with autism spectrum disorders rely heavily on nonverbal cues to communicate their emotions and moods. If these cues go ignored or unnoticed, they may become frustrated and go into a tantrum. It is important for parents to recognize their child’s nonverbal cues and respond to them immediately. Try keeping a chart or list of cues that your child tends to display. Write down the message that he or she is trying to communicate. Continue to do this over time to more easily notice any changes in your child’s nonverbal cues.

Helping Autistic Children In Orlando: Get the Help You Need

All children require love, discipline, positive reinforcement, and attention. Many parents with autistic children do not know how to provide some of these essential characteristics out of fear of disrupting their child or sparking a tantrum. With these strategies, you can improve how you communicate with your child, and in turn, help your child learn how to better communicate with you and other people. Get the help you need with our qualified therapist specializing in helping children and parents with autism. We can provide sessions and services in your home, via online through phone or video or in session at our office. Call us today at 407-967-1327 to get a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for you and your child today.