Four Types of Anxiety Disorders

Four Types of Anxiety Disorders

Do you find yourself worrying about every little detail of your day?  Do you panic when you need to do presentations or talk in front of an audience?  Symptoms of anxiety affect millions of people. Some more severe than others.  In fact, many people that struggle with anxiety disorders talk to professional counselors in Orlando to learn how to cope and thrive.  Everyone’s symptoms of anxiety may differ slightly. There are many different instances that can trigger anxiety, stress, or overwhelming emotions.  There are a few different types of anxiety disorders that you should understand.

Generalized Anxiety

This type of anxiety disorder is the most common. It is characterized by the overwhelming sense of worry, racing thoughts, and mental preoccupation.  When someone suffers from this anxiety, it may affect all different aspects of their life. This can include personal, professional, and social.  Having general feelings of unease or overwhelming emotions can trigger your anxiety, causing you to lose interest in whatever you are doing.  Learning how to cope with your triggers is a great way to combat some of these severe symptoms.

Generalized AnxietySocial Anxiety

This type of anxiety disorder is related to social gatherings and events.  It often leads people to avoid social gathering all together, which has major effects on your ability to communicate, make friends, and express yourself.  You will experience a heightened sense of worry anytime you are in, or even just thinking about, social settings.  Many people isolate themselves to avoid feelings of criticism or judgement from others.


Agoraphobia is a much more intense form of social anxiety.  This heightened sense of concern or worry in public spaces can cause many people to avoid public and social settings.  Intense anxiety, worry, and fear will take over. As a result we stay in constant isolation and withdrawn.  When you suffer from this extreme fear, you will want to work with a professional in counseling in Orlando to overcome these symptoms and live a more normal life.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorders are a form of anxiety disorders that lead to an urgent and intense sense of worry or panic.  These can bring about many physical symptoms. Some of which are a racing heartbeat, trembling hands, sweaty palms, dizziness, and loss of breath.   It can also cause panic attacks that may even result in fainting or heart palpitations.  When you suffer from panic disorders, you want to learn all the proper ways to cope and prevent a severe attack from occurring.  This can help you avoid negative physical and mental symptoms.

These are four common types of anxiety disorders that may affect you.  When you struggle to perform in front of an audience, you may have difficulty performing professional responsibilities.  Therefore, when you have difficulty trusting other individuals, you may have relationship problems.  If you are struggling to cope with anxiety, contact our counselors in Orlando to schedule an appointment today.