Four Tips to Manage Stress Brought On By Politics

Four Tips to Manage Stress Brought On By Politics

Are you constantly stressed out by the political climate of our country?  Do you struggle with anxiety related to politics?  No matter which political party you lean towards, this past year has been a difficult one for the entire nation.  We’ve witnesses many challenges that have never been dealt with before, and we’ve struggled to maintain peace with some that may have strong opinions that don’t match our own.  This can cause an extreme amount of stress and anxiety, which can have lasting negative effects on your mental health.  As a counselor in Orlando, we offer these few tips to help manage your stress that is brought on by politics.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Whenever you are discussing politics, don’t make any assumptions about someone else’s political views.  As you discuss politics with other people, ask questions, ask their opinions, and be mindful of their stance.  Assuming that someone else shares the same opinions as you can actually lead you to make comments that may anger or upset those you are talking with.  To avoid this, make sure to keep the conversation two-sided and listen to the opinions of others as well.

Four Tips to Manage Stress Brought On By PoliticsTake Breaks from the Media

It can be overwhelming to constantly be tuned into the news and the media updates.  One of the best ways to overcome stress induced from political conversations is to take a break from the constant media updates.  Spend some time each morning and night getting the necessary updates and information that you need, and then turn off the TV and get off social media.  By doing this, you will be able to truly unwind and de-stress after reading or watching difficult news.

Walk Away from Uncomfortable Conversations

If conversations bring up discomfort, anger, or intolerance, you need to remove yourself from these situations.  Excuse yourself from the table when the conversations are uncomfortable to give your mind a mental break.  When someone makes a comment that doesn’t sit well with you, it is best to just walk away.  This will prevent any disputes or escalations.

Keep Perspective

When it comes to political conversations, it is best to keep your perspective and remember that everyone has opinions of their own.  Take the time to do some research so that your information is up-to-date and accurate.  Don’t spread any false news related to politics, as people will begin to question your credibility.  Having perspective and doing the work will make you more informed about the political climate.

Tips To Manage Stress

These are a few tips on how to manage stress over the uncertainty, disagreements, or challenges brought on by politics.  In our bipartisan nation, conflicts over politics are not new. The changes that the previous year has brought to our lives have certainly cast them in a new light.  When you are struggle with stress induced by politics, you will want to have the support of a counselor in Orlando.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our professional counselors today.