Four Steps to Prevent a Panic Attack

Four Steps to Prevent a Panic Attack

Do you struggle with anxiety that can lead to panic attacks in certain situations?  Are you at risk for panic attacks that can be brought on by social or emotional triggers?  When you suffer from a panic attack, your mental health and your physical health are both being threatened.  You may feel your heartrate speed up, your head pound, and your mind start to race with many thoughts and negative emotions.   As therapists that help clients in individual counseling in Orlando, we provide de-escalation and coping strategies that can prevent the severity of panic attacks and anxiety disorders.  There are a few steps you can take to prevent a panic attack.

Try to Control Your Breathing

When you feel a panic attack coming on, take time to do some deep breathing exercises.  If you have the ability to control your breathing, slow down your breathing and focus on it for a few seconds.  Breathe in deeply for four seconds, and then breathe out slowly for four seconds.  Repeat this practice a few times.  By practicing your breathing, you will be able to lessen the severity of hyperventilating, which can make panic attacks much worse.

Alert Your Senses

By grounding yourself in reality and finding your center of gravity, you can provide something objective to focus on.  Panic attacks can be made worse by feeling out of control or feeling separated from your surroundings.  Finding your center and recognizing your surroundings will help to provide you with real sensations to focus on.  Take time to smell the scents around you, dig your feet into the ground, feel the sensation of touch in nearby surroundings, and ground your senses in reality.

Four Steps to Prevent a Panic AttackFocus on Something

To prevent the loss of control, find a single object to focus on anytime you feel a panic attack on the horizon.  Spend your time studying that object and noticing all of the details about it.  Take the time to recognize its color, shape, function, or feeling.  This will give you an external focal point that will take your mental attention away from the inner workings of your mind, and it will prevent the severity of an attack.

Repeat a Mantra

Many people use mantras as a part of their daily habits of mindfulness or meditation.  These statements help them stay grounded and focused on what they can control.  They provide their minds with positivity and clarity.  Choose a mantra that you can repeat to yourself when you are feeling panicked or anxious.  This repetition can pull you out of a panic attack when you first start feeling their negative effects.

Steps to Prevent a Panic Attack

By taking some of these steps, you can prevent a panic attack from becoming more severe over time.  Working on your anxiety in individual counseling in Orlando can provide you with insight to your triggers and coping mechanisms that can prevent severe symptoms.  Contact our professional counselors to schedule your appointment today.