Five Ways You Can Help a Friend Battling Depression

Five Ways You Can Help a Friend Battling Depression


Are you having a difficult time lending a helping hand to a friend that is suffering with depression?  Are you in a relationship with someone battling depression?  When you are close with someone who is going through symptoms of depression, you may have a difficult time understanding how to help them.  Their symptoms of withdrawal, a desire to be alone, a lack of motivation, and overwhelming sadness can be confused with many other things.  This can even cause you to blame yourself for not being able to make them happy, which couldn’t be more incorrect.  As professionals that work with clients in individual counseling in Orlando, we suggest using one of the ways to help a friend that is battling depression.

Encourage Them to Get Help

When you have a friend that is suffering from depression, one of the best things you can do is to encourage them to get help.  Provide them with resources that you believe will help them get the assistance and professional support they need.  This can help them by knowing that it is okay to get help.

Battling Depression

Listen to Them

Take the time to truly listen to and absorb the messages of those that are battling with depression.  When you listen to others, you are able to learn from what they have to say and start seeing things from their perspective.  This information will be able to assist you in knowing how to get them the right help.  If they have certain triggers or want to avoid certain situations, you will be able to support them through that.


Educate Yourself on Their Symptoms

Take the time to learn about depression, its symptoms, its risks, and its effects on the body.  When you research and learn about depression then you will understand its effects on someone’s mental health.  Avoid making assumptions about how it affects someone, and take the time to truly learn.

Offer Your Help

Even if you think that they need to get professional help, people may be initially resistant. Therefore when you truly want to be there for your friends and family, you should learn how to offer your help.   Having the support of a friend can make a large difference in the way someone copes with their depression.

Be Patient with Them

Depression is an everyday battle that can last years. Therefore be patient with your loved ones as they navigate their symptoms.  Don’t get angry if they skip social situations or have a bad day.  Learn how to be encouraging and provide them with uplifting positivity and support to let them know you truly care.

These are a few of ways you can help a friend as they are battling their depression.  Being there for someone is one of the best ways that you can support them through their difficult times.  Also, knowing where to get help and how to guide them through their individual counseling in Orlando will help them get on the right path. Contact us if you are concerned about a friend of looking for support for yourself today.