Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be in Jeopardy

Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be in Jeopardy

Warning signs your marriage may be in jeopardy. Have you and your spouse been fighting more frequently?  Are you at the point in your relationship where you don’t even want to be around your spouse anymore?  When you start to question why you are married to your significant other, you may be starting to debate whether or not it’s time for a divorce.  As professionals in marriage counseling in Orlando, we can help you work through issues in your relationship. We want to do this before you officially decide to call it quits.

There are many conflicts that can be resolved when you open yourselves to the therapy process and commit to your relationship.  However, you will first want to know some of the warning signs that indicate your marriage may be in jeopardy.

You’re Always Criticizing One Another

If you are always criticizing your spouse, you may actually be starting to feel a disgust towards them that will continue to build.  Constructive criticism is a good thing in a relationship, but it needs to be balanced.  Whenever you find yourself constantly judging or speaking to your spouse with contempt, you may want to question why things are bothering you so badly.

You Don’t Even Talk

Are you always avoiding your spouse?   If you find yourself constantly avoiding your spouse or even being annoyed whenever your spouse tries to talk to you, you might have a problem in your relationship that needs to be addressed.  Consider why you don’t want to talk to your spouse, or ask your spouse about why they ignore or neglect social interaction with you.  Addressing this issue head-on can lead to important discussions.

You Have Been Contemplating Other Relationships

Have you been fantasizing about relationships with other people?  Whenever you are in a relationship with someone that doesn’t appeal to you anymore, you may start looking elsewhere.  Whether you are looking for an individual simply because you are out of love with your spouse or you are looking for a better fit, you will want to address this conversation with your spouse first.  Be sure to talk this out and find a solution so that you don’t first step out on your marriage.

You Are Always Avoiding One Another

Do you actually not enjoy spending time with your spouse anymore?  If you have fallen out of love with your spouse, you may find yourself wanting to socialize with anyone else but your spouse.  You may be avoiding them because you are angry, sad, or bitter towards something.  Before you let this issue take over your marriage, discuss your emotions and get everything out on the table.  This will help you learn how to cope with thing that make you feel negatively towards one another.

These are a few signs that show that your marriage may be in jeopardy. You will want to consider working on it in marriage counseling in Orlando.  Before you officially end your relationship, which can be a difficult process for everyone involved, you should consider putting in the work and attending therapy with your spouse.  Contact us if you are looking to repair your marriage and continue growing together today.