Three Ways a Counselor Can Help You Recover From Your Addiction

Addictions are extremely difficult to kick.  In fact, recovering addicts are always told to get a support system when they are becoming clean and then staying clean.  An addict’s journey can take many years, and sometimes even a lifetime.  During this time, recovering addicts often lean on close family, friends, and support groups.  They also may engage in individual counseling in Orlando to provide them with professional support and insight throughout their journey.  There are a many ways a counselor can help you recover from your addiction and stay clean.

Provides Strategies to Cope with Stress

Recovering from an addiction can be stressful.  Your life may be full of triggers, you may have to start over with new friends, and you may have to make amends with many family members.  All of this can be tough while also trying to stay sober or clean.  In order to cope with stress, you may need a few different strategies to help you overcome these tough obstacles.  Counselors can provide you with ongoing support and stress relief strategies that you can continue to implement along your journey.

Provides Activity Suggestions

Getting back into a new routine is difficult for a recovering addict.  You may have had to abandon a certain way of life that fueled your negative habits, which means you had to start over and change your ways.  This could also mean that you’ve had to leave behind friends or activities that you once enjoyed.  Our counselors can provide many different types of activities that you can do to stay healthy, sober, and clean.  These positive activities can help you grow into your new role in life.

Provides Social Networks

Socialization is a huge part of the journey.  You want to surround yourself with people that support your change and encourage you to stay the path to sobriety.  This may involve finding new friends and sticking close to those who are in similar situations as you.  It may also involve finding people that aren’t in similar situations than you.  Each person has their preference.  Your counselor will find you many different social outlets to support you through your journey and provide you with lasting friendships along the way.  This can be incredibly beneficial, as it prevents loneliness that can often lead you back to your addiction.

These are just a few of the ways that a counselor can help you with your journey to recover from your addiction and stay clean.  Whether you are struggling with an addiction to street drugs, alcohol, gambling, prescription drugs, or other issues, our individual counseling in Orlando is here to help you on the path to sobriety.  Contact us today to get the support system and professional guidance you need to stay clean.