Three Signs that Indicate You Should Go to Marriage Counseling


Three Signs that Indicate You Should Go to Marriage Counseling

Three signs that indicate you should go to marriage counseling. Have you and your spouse been engaged in many fights, arguments, etc. has drama placed a strain on your relationship?  When your marriage is strained, you may struggle to find ways to compromise and enjoy each other’s company.  This can end up resulting in a decision to end your relationship and file for a divorce, which may be an outcome you are both not willing to accept.   When you want to work on building your relationship with your spouse, you should consider marriage counseling in Orlando.  We work with you as a couple to find ways to heal and bridge your relationship with the right communication strategies and approaches.  There are a few signs that indicate you should go to marriage counseling to fix your relationship.

You Aren’t Speaking

When you and your spouse haven’t been talking lately, this could be some indication of communication issues that could be plaguing your marriage.  We all hit rocky patches, but when your communication is at a halt for an extended period of time, you might have a difficult time getting things going once again.  In order to work through these rough patches and focus on positive communication, you should discuss these issues with a third-party, like a counselor, to work through your underlying causes in a safe and healing place.

You Are Frequently “Punished”

Some marriage showcase power struggles when one of the spouses holds something over the year in order to punish them.  This can be affection, intimacy, finances, and even transportation.  Many relationships that have an unequal distribution of power will suffer due to these circumstances. There is usually one individual that holds something above the other’s head.  This is a sign that you need to work through these issues and find common ground together.

You Contemplate Cheating

Have you been imaging what life would be like with a different spouse?  Couples that have fantasized over cheating or having an affair with another individual may be growing apart.  This may indicate that you need to work on your trust and intimacy with your partner. This is important in order to better your relationship before you do actually commit adultery.  If you contemplate cheating with another individual, you should contact a therapist to work on repairing the damages in your relationship and moving forward as a team.

Three Signs that Indicate You Should Go to Marriage Counseling

These are a few of the common signs that bring many couples into marriage counseling in Orlando. When your marriage is strained, you will have a difficult time making decisions with your spouse’s best interest, compromising, and communicating with them.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you build your relationship and provide you with the right tools to make your marriage a success once again.