Teletherapy Orlando and What it Is


Tele-therapy Orlando and What it Is

What is Tele-therapy?

Tele-therapy Orlando is a method of online delivery for mental health therapy services. It is done through high-resolution and live video conferencing. Teletherapy sessions are in many ways similar to the traditional talk therapy in an office setting. The only difference is that you’re not sitting with the therapist in the same office.

During the Teletherapy sessions, the client and the therapist are able to see, hear, and also interact with the client in real time. If you have ever used forums such as Skype or FaceTime on your computer, then you are familiar with this type of technology.

Tele-Therapy is very much the same as if the therapist were to be delivering face-to-face. Licensed mental health therapists will utilize traditional therapy models and will enhance these techniques through innovative software and tools. Technology is literally at the therapist fingertips. They can plan and deliver to their clients very high-quality services.

Tele-therapy Orlando: Why is Tele-therapy Necessary?

There are approximately 5% of the American school-aged population (3.5 million children), that require speech or occupational as well as mental health services. This need is growing rapidly each year. There seems to be a shortage of qualified therapist to meet these needs. This is particularly true in rural areas. This shortage makes it very difficult for the schools to be able to provide the adequate services for their students.

Tele-Therapy Orlando

Why Tele-therapy is the Best Option?

Teletherapy is an incredibly innovative and very cost-effective solution that offers maximum flexibility to its clients. It helps to overcome the following barriers:

  • Issues with Distance
  • A clients impaired mobility.
  • Those who travel frequently.
  • Clients that are shy or have a hard time with the idea of face to face sessions.

Teletherapy Orlando allows for mental health to be provided when it’s most convenient for the client.

Who Benefits From Teletherapy Orlando?

Teletherapy Orlando Benefits:

  • Families- through engagement: By using creative and fun digital technology that is engaging. Teletherapy is very kid-friendly. Today’s children we see are more and more comfortable with using computers and love using game-based activities.
  • Those that are shy or hesitant to come in for face to face sessions.
  • It provides a relaxed atmosphere for clients. All they need is a private setting.
  • No need for a sitter. This eliminates the need to travel thus eliminating the added cost for a sitter.

Is Teletherapy Orlando Just as Effective as Face to Face Traditional Therapy?

Many feel that tele-therapy Orlando is less effective as face to face therapy. This is a myth. There is no difference in the quality of therapy you will receive. There is 20 years of research to back this fact up. Teletherapy has been around for a long time. Why don’t you give it a try? We are all living very busy lives. Many of us have children, work and several commitments outside of work. Don’t compromise your mental health by telling yourself that one day you will make it to a session.

Call us today at 407-967-1327 and start Teletherapy Orlando. Give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for you. High Expectations Counseling has several talented therapists waiting to work with you.