Taking Personal Ownership

Taking Personal Ownership

Taking personal ownership and the importance of doing so. What small and immature children we all become when our pride and egos get bruised. I don’t care how long you have been on this path of awakening. The second a person hears something they don’t like and gets offended they either: run away, get defensive, blame others or attack another person.

Are we so fragile that we can’t listen to another tell us something about ourselves that maybe we should look at? Did it hit too close to home and your pride got bruised?

Maybe there is truth behind what is being said and you don’t want to hear it. So you rip into another and act mean and nasty. Since when were we as humans so incapable of taking 100% ownership for our behaviors and actions?

Taking Personal Ownership

Taking 100% ownership means having the ability to see that what others are saying to you may have some truth. We feel like people are rude or attacking us when they say something about a personality trait that is not favorable.

The world and all it’s people are nothing more than a mirror reflecting back the energy we are putting out into the universe. It is not biased. There are those out there that for whatever reason will hate you, love you and many who won’t even care to stop and pay you any mind. Is that ok? To have people not like you or feel indigent.

We live in a society today that is constantly wrapped up in comparing each other with one another. We seek to define ourselves by how others, we think perceive us. The only problem with this is that we have no idea how they perceive us. We are only ever looking out of this world through our own mind and our own conditioning and perspective. We feel sad, ugly, incomplete, etc when we look at social media post and see the seemingly “happy and beautiful people”. It’s no wonder women and men suffer so greatly from having a distorted body image leading to eating disorders and addicted to body augmentation.

Leads to self freedom

When we can start to take ourselves less seriously and are able to really look at our imperfections we see that they are what makes us unique and even useful in helping others to learn self love and full acceptance of oneself.

Don’t be the victim. That’s the worst trait there is. It gives all of our power over to another just because they say something we don’t like to hear. We didn’t come into this world with others promising to care about us every minute of the day. Humans are fallible and will let you down. That is why taking complete ownership for yourself is key to setting yourself free. See that no one in this world owes you a thing. If they do invest in you and take the time to understand where you’re coming from then you’re blessed and are surrounded by givers and not takers.

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