Meditation and Depression: Is it Right For You?


Meditation and Depression: Is it Right For You?

Chances are you didn’t just wake up this morning and think, “Wow, I bet I have depression.” For most adults who struggle with depression, it’s a situation that has been going on for awhile. Maybe it started after a stressful life change, such as a break-up or job loss, or perhaps you’ve always felt depressed, but now you’re ready to try something new. If you’ve been struggling, understand that you don’t have to face depression alone. Many adults around the world are experiencing the same problem as you, but you do have options. One way you can begin to focus on healing from your depression is to learn how to meditate.

As with any treatment protocol for depression, make sure you discuss this with your physician ahead of time. If you’re already taking medication for depression, you should not stop taking your medicine just because you begin to meditate. While seeking out non-medical relief for your condition is essential, it’s also vital that you continue to follow any treatment already prescribed by your physician.

Meditation and Depression

When it comes to meditation, understand that it looks different for every person. That is one of the most beautiful aspects of meditation. No matter what religion you might be and no matter what personal philosophical beliefs you hold, you can practice meditating in a way that works for you. While some adults practice meditation in conjunction with yoga, others choose to utilize it on its own.

For most adults, meditation includes sitting or lying in a quiet place. Once you’re in the solitude, you can close your eyes and focus on clearing your mind. To do this, you might choose to focus on a particular mantra, a phrase you like, or even a prayer. You can chant this silently or quietly to yourself as you focus on calming your mind, body, and spirit. The goal of meditation isn’t to merely relax you, but to ease your entire body and soul as well.

Suffering with depression can be very lonely, isolating, and even painful. Chances are you might struggle with your thoughts, with anxiety, and with self-doubt. By learning how to meditate, you’re taking control of yourself: body and mind. Meditation may not cure your depression, but it can offer you a gentle, non-medical way to help learn how to calm yourself during moments of anxiety, stress, and frustration. No matter where you are, if you can learn how to meditate, you can learn how to calm yourself during moments of extreme anxiety.

Depression and Meditation: Come attend Our Group

At High Expectations Counseling, we offer twice weekly a meditation group. Here you will learn the foundation and basics of meditation. You will leave feeling more aligned, calmer and better able to manage your emotions of depression and anxiety. You owe it to yourself to take a break and allow your mind to settle. Along with meditation we also suggest meeting with one of our talented therapists to work through the underlying issues of depression. Therapy and meditation are highly effective when used together. Call us today at 407-967-1327 and let’s get started.