It’s Time We Awaken


It’s Time We Awaken

It’s time that we all awaken and start to see that we have been living in a fog. This fog or “smoke and mirrors” is the lie that we bought into as young children. We didn’t stand a chance to create our own beliefs and thoughts. We were to impressionable so we adopted the belief systems of those closest to us.

It’s Time We Awaken

How was the Illusion created? We were born pure and hole. Already in our alignment. There is nothing a 3 or 4 year old needs to feel validated. They could care less what the world thinks of them. A child around this age is the closest to pure awareness and consciousness. It is the parents, society, government, schools, social media, religion, etc that hook and influence the young child’s mind. Once this happens the young child recognizes that in order to survive in this world they must follow along and play by the rules. But who wrote these rules?

How Our Conditioning is Created

Most people live in a fog. Completely controlled by their mind. They do not know the difference between their mind and their separate self. This separate self we can call awareness. We tend to trust those who raise us. But more times than not those who raised us were programmed and conditioned by their family and society. So we keep programming others through the narratives we tell ourselves.

For example: If a mother grew up feeling abandoned and unloved then she may have running narratives that tell her she is “not good enough, not wanted, alone in this world”. So naturally when she has a child of her own she will impression that child to believe that the world is scary, no one will love you, the world is not safe and that you can’t trust anyone. It happens that fast. Instantly the child is hooked into believing this narrative and grows up with intimacy issues, inability to have authentic and healthy relationships.

It’s Time We Awaken and Shift Your Consciousness

How do we break the spell and bring about an awakening. We need a shift in consciousness. We all need to raise our vibration and start questioning our programming: Ask yourself the following questions?

  • Why do I think certain things are the way they are?
  • Do these believe leave me feeling aligned, happy, peaceful?
  • Who told me that I should or should not do or act a certain way?
  • Where was that person told to do or act a certain way?
  • Does this negative narrative my mind has made up serve a healthy purpose in my life?
  • Am I just a bunch of belief systems that others have programmed me with?

It’s Time We Awaken And Remove The Masks

How do you shed the old skin that no longer serves you? It starts by usually something painful happening to you. Unfortunately humans will not change unless forced to. When your forced to look at yourself and the roles or masks you have been wearing you start to see that they no longer serve a purpose. You start the process of what I call “sifting and sorting”. Here with the help of a mentor, licensed therapist, life coach, etc, you are taken through the process of reawakening. This can be a scary process because everything you believed to be true starts to be challenged. Many call this process the Dark Night Of The Soul. It can be described as a time of confusion, identity crisis. Leaving you feeling lost and confused.

There Is Help

You don’t have to go it alone though. This process or “shedding your old skin”, can be done with the assistance and guidance of those that have gone through it themselves. Someone who understands that digging deep is the only way to true freedom from the bondage of the mind and the trap of the illusion or spells we have been under.

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“Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness.” Eckhart Tolle