How You and Your Partner Can Survive the Quarantine


How You and Your Partner Can Survive the Quarantine

Over the course of a few months COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically and impacted us all.

We are left to try and make sense of all of this. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain and scared. The word quarantined and the phrase social distancing are the buzz words right now. How are we all affected by this and what part of our lives is affected. For many we see our relationship directly affected with our partners. Most of us wear multiple hats and play different roles: staying at home to work, homeschooling our children, playing the role of a wife or husband, shopper, and so on. It’s clear to see that all of us are having to experience so much at one time. Below are some tips for you and your partner in regards to how you and your partner can survive the quarantine.


Its vital that you both share your feelings, thoughts, concerns, etc. each other needs a space to express your concerns and struggles. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow as a couple and to further the communication. Learn when to back down and stop becoming so efensive. It’s easy to let the relationship feel very tit for tat. Remember your both on the same team.

Spend much more time together

Plan a date night even if you have to create a space in your home to do so. They don’t have to be fancy at nice restaurants. Especially during this time of the quarantine get creative and find new ways to keep the romance and the spark. Grab a blanket and head into your backyard and create a movie night.

Other good ideas are bubble baths. Trying a new recipe together, wine tasting, board games for children etc.

Take some much needed time alone

As important as it is to spend time with your partner it’s just as important to take some alone time. Before the virus everyone had a set schedule, a defined daily routine whether it was going into work or being a stay at home parent. That time is priceless. Having that time for yourself is priceless. Come up with a list of the things that you miss doing. These activities are done by yourself. Maybe it’s reading a book, journaling, painting, etc. Communicate directly to your partner how important this is for you and also find out about what they would like to do with their alone time. They need it as much as you do.. Communication is vital!.

Develop healthy coping skills

We are all going through this and experiencing some kind of stress during this time. It could be financially, unexpected changes of routines, home school, and most of all regaining your freedom back,. Well, in the meantime develop a list of healthy coping skills that can help you for now, these includes listening to soothing music, connecting with family and friends even if it’s virtually, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, writing a journal, working out, etc. Include your partner to learn about their coping skills. This can be a great tool to get to know each other more and how to grow as a couple overall.

It’s all about having a new perspective

Remind yourself of the things that you can and cannot control. An example might be creating a new schedule, setting a new routine, learning new ways how to engage with your partner, resting as much as needed, or connecting with the kids. Allow this time to work on yourself and to grow as an individual, because soon enough we will go back to our crazy and busy lives.

If your experiencing depression, increasing anxiety or feel less motivation consider doing therapy at High Expectations Counseling. We have a great team of therapist that are skilled to work with you during this time. Give us a call today at 407-967-1327