How to Find Support When You Think Your Relationship is Ending

If Your Relationship Is Ending, Here’s What You Can Do For Support

Are you and your spouse struggling to compromise and find common ground on marital issues?  Do you recognize that distance is coming between you and your partner?  Are you contemplating divorce?  These are all instances that can make you feel lonely, which should make you want to reach out for support from others.  Working on your relationship in marriage counseling in Orlando is the first step to attempting to repair your relationship with yourself and your partner.  However, there are many different ways to find support as you navigate through the end of your relationship.

Talk to Friends and Family

Close friends and family are those who know you the most, so it is important to talk to them as you think your relationship with your spouse is dissolving.  Make sure that you can lean on them when you need it most.  After a tough day or another fight, you’ll want to have a few of your friends and family on speed dial so you can talk about how you’re feeling.  Many of them will feel empathy towards you during this time, as they were likely a part of your life during your relationship as well.  They will be able to offer you compassion rather than judgment, which is critical during this time.

Build a Community

The end of a relationship can be challenging, lonely, and isolating if you go through it alone.  Instead of dealing with it alone, build a community of others who have gone through similar circumstances.  Divorce communities or relationship support groups are great places to meet others who are battling through the same issues you are.  They will likely be understanding as they listen to your situation and relate to it themselves.

Reconnect with Old Friends

Perhaps your relationship came in between you and an old friend.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to old friends that you’ve lost touch with during this time.  The end of a loving relationship can actually be a new beginning for other friendships, and it can also be a chance to redo some of the things that you might regret.  Old friends will love hearing from and will be a great fresh start as you start the next chapter.

Seek Therapy

One of the best methods of working through the end of a relationship is by talking to a therapist.  Marriage counseling in Orlando is a great way for both you and your spouse to come to terms with the state of your relationship and be sure that there isn’t any room for healing and repair.  You’ll have a safe space to be honest about your emotions, challenges, and grievances before you officially decide to move on from the relationship.  You can also talk to your therapist individually to work through your personal struggles about the end of the relationship.  Contact High Expectations Counseling to hear about our counseling services today.