How to Find Counseling Support during Social Distancing Practices


How to Find Counseling Support during Social Distancing Practices

Are you someone who is used to attending regularly scheduled therapy sessions? Are you struggling with the everyday life while maintaining social distance recommendations? These times have been tough on many people across the globe. From financial stress to mental health stress, the social distancing recommendations set forth by politicians to flatten the curve of the coronavirus have prevented many of us from living our normal lives. As top counselors in Orlando, we are still here for our clients to provide support and alleviate stress. There are many ways we still provide counseling support while still maintaining social distancing practices at this time.

Information Relaying

One of the most important things to do during this time is to stay informed. Information is vital to understanding what is happening in society. This also helps to maintain control over what you can, which is vital during these confusing times. Although there are many things we cannot control, you want to be aware of the information to help you make the best choices for your life. When you have access to the right information, you will feel more comfortable and educated to make your choices. This will help to alleviate stress associated with all of the unknown factors.

Anxiety Management

With many financial situations uncertain and everyday life routines uprooted, people have become riddled with anxiety and stress. This can be unhealthy to one’s mental health, as stress can lead to many other negative habits. During a time when staying positive is tough, you may want to get in touch with your counselors in Orlando to ask about strategies to employ to manage your anxiety. When you implement strategies at home, you will be able to achieve a healthier and more positive mindset, which is important during this time.

Safe and Responsive Services

When you visit your counselor as business open back up, it is our responsibility to treat you with the safest procedures possible. This includes maintaining social distances and talking through your new issues that have arisen during this time in lockdown. We want to help provide you with the coping strategies you need to implement in order to cope with all the confusion and changes that have come your way over the past few months. This can include providing you with meditative exercises, facilitating a healing process, and providing you with a chance to discuss your concerns for your well-being during this time.

These are just a few ways you can find the support of your counselors in Orlando during times of recommended social distancing. At a time when it is critical to take care of your mental health, you may need counseling the most. Contact us today to hear about how we can support you through these difficult times.