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Four Telltale Signs that You May Have Trust Issues

Do you have issues being honest with others because you fear they will break your trust? Are you guarded with your feelings? Do you have trouble openly expressing yourself around others? It can be difficult for many people to trust others. Maybe you have a history of trusting someone who lied, or you have a family member that hurt you by being dishonest. These incidents can leave a deep scar resulting in trust issues that you carry through life. Our center for individual counseling in Orlando can help you overcome your trust issues so that you can have healthy relationships moving forward in your life. There are a few telltale signs that suggest you may be battling trust issues.

You Anticipate Lies

If you first meet someone and you already assume they are being dishonest, you may be suffering from trust issues. Assuming that someone will betray you or tell you lies is not a healthy way to approach new relationships, as it can lead to issues before they even actually arise. Instead of manifesting these issues, give people a chance before you put them in the disloyal category. Maybe they will surprise you.

You Trust Too Easily

On the flip side, there are people who trust too easily, which is another type of trust issue that can be easily developed. If you find yourself spilling your truths on a first date or revealing too much information to strangers, you could actually be putting yourself in danger by assuming the best out of everyone. Make sure you get to know people before you tell them your secrets, because trust is something that needs to be earned.

You Stray From Commitment

If you are someone who runs from any type of committed relationship, you may want to take another look at yourself. Trust issues can actually cause you to run away from relationships before they even get serious, simply because you are scared of letting people get too close. Connecting with someone emotionally requires you to be honest, open, and raw with another person, and this can be scary for many.

You Blow Things Out of Proportion

Mistakes happen. It’s that simple. However, when you hold grudges or get angry over common mistakes, you may be experiencing your trust issues at play. People are late without being secretive, people are quiet without withholding information, and people have a right to privacy without hiding something. If you are constantly worried over the small things, you may want to re-evaluate how you trust other people.

These are few signs that suggest you may be letting your trust issues get in the way of your ability to have a healthy and successful relationship. Trust issues that stem from unfortunate life situations can be discussed and repaired when you do the work in individual counseling in Orlando. Our professionals can provide you with the healing you need to overcome these issues and lead a successful and healthy life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.